Louisiana Saturday Night - Mel McDaniel

This is a short, easy song, but it’s a lot of fun to play. Not sure if others outside the U.S. will get the lyrics. :joy: I liken it to the time when I first heard Waltzing Matilda and an Australian had to explain what everything meant.


That was fun, Joe, and think I got the lyrics though one never knows what one doesn’t know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Nice job with a fun song. Keep them coming.

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A great campfire singalong number there Joe. Sounds like a Louisiana Saturday Night could be a family get together anywhere in the world. Well maybe not the rifle and the possum in the bag! :joy:


Not to mention the 15 children in these modern times :grin:

It’s actually pretty straightforward. There might be some terms and references that are weird though!

Thank you, Tony. Definitely a fun one.

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Yes, great campfire song for sure.

Not sure if that’s kids in one family… or all the neighborhood kids. This song is a classic, but not that old!

Nice job Joe, I’m a Louisiana boy and I love this song. It’s true that we know how to have a good time in South Louisiana. “Laissez les bons temps rouler”!
You have touched my heart. Play on!

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Thank you! A nice thing to hear from somebody from Louisiana.

Nice one Joe.

Indeed it was a fun little song and thanks to all the Hollywood films I’ve seen it kind of summed up a Louisiana image for me.

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I can envision a Louisiana Saturday night here in east Texas also! Good job!


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Good to see you back in the saddle, Joe-
even if I might dream of Deliverance tonight :wink:
Fun song

Really like some of those country tunes you folks have there over the pond, thanks for introducing it to me and as usual top notch performance :wink:

Really nice track as I sip a little evening wine out on the back porch. This one has a “Cotton Eye Joe” vibe to it. Good old down home cookin’. Well done sir!

Yeeee hawwwww Joe.

Some accent dependent rhyming here.

Now where’s me boot scootin’ boots :boot:

Hi Joe,
Nicely done, enjoyed it too. Boy you are spitting out them lyrics pretty fast. Good job on delivery there as I can understand your words well. Even with my hearing. Nice play, but I think your vox on this outshine the guitar work!

Keep up the good stuff and rock on!