Made a Pink Floyd jam for my late father

Hi! Posted this on the old site first because I didn’t know a new one had come!
23.12.2021 marks a decade since my father died.

I’m not any good with words, so I figured I would make a musical tribute to his memory by doing my version of a song he loved.

This is my version of “Shine on you crazy diamond” and every note in it is dedicated to his memory.

Used my Gibson Les Paul Special through a Line 6 HX Stompto create the sound.

Would love to hear what you think!


That was great! Excellent quality, tone, and playing. A touching and fitting tribute to your father.

That is a sweet Les Paul (love the “TV yellow”). What kind of pickups are those? They look kind of like P90s, but not exactly. Sounded good through the HX Stomp, in any case.

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Another fabulous production, Thomas. You make great videos that showcase your playing.

A beautiful tribute

Glad you discovered we’d moved, came over, and look forward to more music and participation from you in our new Home.

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Greeting Rogier

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A most excellent tribute and a job well done!

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That was terrific Thomas. Playing, production, the whole thing. A lovely tribute.

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Thomas glad you made it across the bridge. Hey quite an entrance and a fitting way to remember your father. Do love that yellow LP and the tones are so sweet and a wonderful interpretation of the original. Make yourself at home, jump in and add to the chatter, we’ve a great new Community here.



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Ok I’m usually not one to start drama but this is getting pretty annoying.

Let’s do a quick experiment: google the title of this thread. Oh hey what’s this?

Made this Pink Floyd jam in honor of my late father | Telecaster Guitar Forum (

Made this Pink Floyd jam for my late dad | The Canadian Guitar Forum (

Did this Pink Floyd jam for my late dad |

Did this Pink Floyd jam for my late dad | Gretsch-Talk Forum

Made this Pink Floyd jam for my late dad : pinkfloyd (

All posts made literally within minutes of each other with the exact same discription.

No, you wouldn’t. You don’t give a damn about what we think, you just want the views.

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u over you to you guys :slight_smile:

Oh and here:

Happy holidays!


Hey man! It’s true that I post my videos on several forums. I do this because I want people to hear my stuff and react to it.
Often I get constructive criticism that I incorporate into my playing.
A couple of months ago I got a comment on the old forum that I just posted my own stuff and didn’t comment on other people’s posts. That was a fair comment and I started to give feedback to other posters, which is something I enjoy.
It doesn’t feel good to know that my way of doing things is irritating you. That’s not my intention.
I post in this community because Justin’s lessons helped me immensely when I was starting out.

A big thank you for all the nice comments, it means a lot!

The pickups in this guitar are standard issue P90s that (I believe) you can find in any Gibson guitar. I love the way they sound.

In this clip I tried to show them in clean mode - dirty mode - mid gain mode.

Hey man it’s not irritating me in the slightest that you’re posting here or to other forums, you do you.

This forum was rebranded as ‘The Community’ for a reason - being part of a community means giving back and not just taking. That’s the part that is irritating me.

I remember you from the old forum, you seem like a good dude but when’s the last time you stepped outside one of your threads, took a few minutes to listen or read to what others are posting and gave some kind of advice? Took part in a discussion? Encouraged a beginner or helped answer a question? You appreciate feedback, but so does everyone else who posts here. Doubly so from more advanced players such as yourself.

A lot of people on here take the time out of their day to listen to your stuff and write kind and thoughtful comments - wouldn’t it be great to return the favor atleast from time to time?

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Thomas, I remember the comment and your uptick in Community engagement thereafter.

That seems reasonable, but I guess there is “no such thing as a free lunch”.

In this case I’d think being active in many Foums will require more time to review the comments and reply in each one, and to also be an active member of all the Forums ie giving as much to each Forum as you may be receiving from the Forum.

And time is that one resource that is fixed, all we can do is to choose how we use it, for our own benefit and the good of others.

The nature of this Community, being mostly beginners, advancing beginners, and intermediate level players means you are unlikely to receive much constructive criticism here, just appreciative comments complimentary of your playing (that’s all I can personally offer you).

I’d certainly appreciate your encouragement, feedback and suggestions that can assist me, though I imagine being able to pitch feedback to me (and many others) that is appropriate for our playing level could be tricky. That said, I have no cause for complaint on that score based on all I receive from the Community.

I enjoy your music, look forward to more, and hope you’ll share a little more feedback with those more advanced players here who can benefit from your experience and expertise.

Well we are now in a new house and the opportunity to continue, once more presents itself. Looking forward to you sharing your music and you observations and knowledge. :sunglasses:

What a beautiful tribute for your father, full of passion and emotion. Jan 26th will be a decade that my mom’s been gone, hard to believe how fast the time goes. Thank you for sharing.

This brought tears to my eyes as I think of my late father. I miss him…thanks for this inspirational piece. I know he’s watching over you as mine is.

It would seem @SS7 had a point though, because in the month since this was posted he did not come back, and did not engage in any other discussions or offered any feedback to other members playing…

But looking at both the TDPRI forum and the Marshall forum linked above it’s the exact same picture.
I could not find even one single post anywhere that wasn’t basically saying: “I recorded this thing, take a look”. Well, that’s a lie, normally he has two posts per topic he starts… one for announcing the track, and one saying “thanks all”… :slight_smile:


Really? I don’t think so, this is one of the reasons I haven’t contributed to this thread until now - like SS7 I was unimpressed by him and his “contributions”!


That’s not surprising at all, why make an effort when there’s a million other places that can be farmed for views.

I kind of regret my reply though, being confrontational ruins the whole vibe we have going here and trying to force someone to take part defeats the purpose I think.

From conversations with other members I’ve come to realise it’s best to just ignore these kind of threads and leave it up to the mods to decide whether they want this sort of content here. It’s their bus to steer and we’re all just the happy passengers anyway so I’m strictly sticking to guitar stuff. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s what I did on the old site as well… just ignore them!

It’s never worth it getting angry on the Internet, ha ha :wink:

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History guys time to move on :sunglasses: