Madman's Diaries OM14 Footnotes - MMS Presents "Disturbed Simon and The Mad Garfunkels"

That was absolutely stellar, Toby. Playing, tones, vocals, all are really great. I love both the original and Disturbed’s cover, and you’ve managed to do justice to both of them. Very nice indeed.

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Loved the performance!

And always gratefully accepted and received in the manner in which is was given, :sunglasses:

@roger_holland Rest assured Roger, if there has been an Om there will be a Madman’s Footnote, albeit a little tardy this time. But as you know life sometimes gets in the way. :tulip:

@CT Clint

And I guess that is what the Madman’s Music Studio exists for. I’ve lost count of the acoustic “classics” that I have thrown a 'lecky at in these hallowed halls. It is where the
“Where Rebel Rock Rules” label was born. I have no respect for tradition :rofl:

@Digger72 Oh Digger I would just love to hear a Comfortably Strange Sound Of Silence. You’d extract my madness and apply your hypnotising ethereal vibe. Man I am getting goose bumps Just imagining Katja’s vocals over such a project. Please make a note in the diary or To Do List !! That has just got to be done !! :sunglasses:

@Mari63 Stellar as in out of this world ? As in alien ??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Sorry when someone uses stellar or awesome in respect of my recordings I go into self depreciating mode and then I get a @batwoman slap !! But I take on board the comments, especially as you like the Disturbed cover and are therefore likely to be one of the few people who knew where I was coming from. I was just missing the piano and orchestration ! :sunglasses:

@Lefteris Thank you sir ! Most appreciated. :sunglasses:


Stellar as either of these informal definitions :slightly_smiling_face:

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An impressive performance, Toby. I really like your take on this one.

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I was trying to play it down, not big it up :rofl: You are far to generous Mari. :sunglasses:

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Thanks Dave. I enjoy taking some of the “old” songs and giving them a bit more spice. But no doubt there’d be purists out there want to organise a lynch mob ! But at the end of the day these projects are always just a bit of fun. :sunglasses:

As good today as it’s always been (from the OM). Great performance Toby, I really like your version of this one and not something I would expect from you for some reason. Great singing and playing.

Looks can be deceiving Stefan. Grew up listening to a lot of S&G in the 60s, so there are a few on the To Play list. But as my fingerpicking sucks and picking and singing is still some alien art form, they might just need some MMS treatment to bring them to life ! Thanks for listening.

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The original was… original :smiley:
The Disturbed was… disturbed :crazy_face:
Your open mic left me… open-mouthed :open_mouth:
and now this… :thinking:
One more thyme, you motherfunkel madman, I dare you! :rofl:


Thank you Brian, there is certainly one off that album in the To Do list but there be no 'erbs involved. Plenty of material from that period in need of “treatment” :+1:

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Good job Toby,
Nicely done and a nice listen… Helps to have everything going in the chain! :wink:

Keep it up mate and be well,

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