Madman's New Diary Chapter One - Amazing (over BT)

@stitch Rick, thanks for taking it for a spin and I appreciate the comments. I’ll keep this to one side, as there are additional guitar parts that can be added for the future. :sunglasses:

@glpguitar Luka, appreciate the comments on the diary video, it encourages me to keep it going, despite my doubts. Still some things to learn on the video editing, as David mentioned some missing hair needs rectifying :rofl: Glad you liked the song, one of my Aerosmith favourites and good memories when my daughter was growing up. There will be more. :sunglasses:

@adi_mrok Adi !! Sorry I spoilt your tea !! :rofl: We need to morph Richard’s face into one of those old posters and change the words ! Thanks for the words on the vox. I actually used the same FX setting for both guitar and vocals, as I did at the Open Mic. The only difference was having 2 channels into Reaper for each. But because of the backing track stem levels, I really had to push the gain on the AI and increased the onboard compression. This amplified the doubling effect on the vox reverb FX and was more noticeable than at the OM. I then put a 4 degree pan between the tracks L & R to fatten them and that lifted the doubling further. Like David, I wasn’t quite sure to start with but was happier after a couple of listens. The video was in the bag by then and after Monday evening’s saga did not want to do it again. Guitar wise, there are so many BT stems filling a lot of space, I had to cut back on the rhythm and be more circumspect of where I placed it. Then adjusted level section by section to make sure it was present but not washing anything out. And I am happy to say it seemed to work ok, so thanks for confirming. Video 3 was the BT Vox amusement but I was actually singing along at the same time (no mic) to work on the timing differences. All done in the best possible taste ! :sunglasses:

@batwoman Maggie, no worries, I fully understand. When you get time you can skip the waffle and the Vox blague at the end. :sunglasses:

@DavidP David, thank you kind words sir. I counselled for opinion, listened and got back on the horse. So thank you for the encouragement, although BL may be displeased I’m back. :rofl: Appreciate the words on the production. Took a few hours messing with levels, both on the AI and in Reaper - I did a take of each just in Reaper once the AI was OK and then mixed that a little, before finally recording both videos and then remixing the bundle. See my comments to Adi on the vox but yes it may have been a little verb heavy on the “quiet” section at the start before the drums kick in. I was using Dark Vrb ( #87 I think) on the THPA again, so maybe it would have been better to have left the stock verb on for the first verse and the kick the blue light on for the rest ? Something to consider going forward, so thanks for that. Plan to mess around a bit with the video editor with splits. This was the first time I used it and really wanted 4 panes but it was getting late, so apart from the cropping, I was happy with the result. Thanks for watching. :sunglasses:

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Was the verb applied while recording or added afterwards?

If the former I know there are pros and cons of recording dry or baking in the fx as you track. My 2cs would be record dry and add afterwards. Then you’d be able to adjust to taste from the quiet intro to the point when the drums kicked in.

I do the same for guitar but perhaps you confident enough on tone to record it live from the amp.

Anyhow, all food for thought, and the production rocked (better than the Karaoke vox, as you said)

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Toby, that was a real treat. What a great production too. Superb guitar playing and your vocals are spot on. They are going from strength to strength.


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Entertaining stuff as always Toby. I enjoy reading and listening to these insights into how you put it all together. (and of course how the others think you should put it all together :wink:).

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Ha !! It wasn’t quite planned as a multi, well kinda wasn’t as I thought about it. I wanted to see how it would come out for an OM with the BT and me singing and playing, so set up that way. I was happy with the TCHPA on Saturday, so left that in the vox signal chain, same with the Amp patch I used, as it worked with this BT and not the other - yes much happier to take the tone straight from the Mustang these days but the onboard FX get fettled first, then Schepped in Reaper. Guess you could call it a hybrid production. But as George Formby once said “turned out nice again!”. :sunglasses:

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Hi Toby,
That was fantastic…uh…I mean Amazing :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…Really a treat to listen to,…and your talk made me laugh out loud … the laptop almost got some tea :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…don’t do it again without warning…

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@SgtColon Stefan, thanks for that. I was happy with the result as I would normally take a few days with these on the mixing side. This one kind of fell into place but helped as its such a great song to sing ! Thanks for the feedback. :sunglasses:

@sairfingers Gordon, I am glad you enjoyed the pre-amble banter before the band kicked off. I guess I am hoping a little background will help folks with their own productions. And then I can add my 2 cts once they posted. :rofl: Wonderful to chat to you on Saturday night. I was so pleased you came out of the shadows to join us. Thank you. :sunglasses:

@roger_holland Oh no !! Not more people spilling tea, as a result of my shenanigans. I’d better have my legal team on speed dial just in case ! I’ll find a song called Fantastic and you can say its amazing, how’s that ? As for advance warnings, if you see “Madman’s Diary Chapter x” that should be enough, be warned. Cheers pal ! :sunglasses:


As I didn’t see your diary in the old forum, I’m glad you decided to continue in the new one.
Interesting, amusing and informative, good job, really enjoyed this.
You as a “veteran” are a real supporting element of this community, thanks for this and please let us see more of your diarys. Looking forward to the next one!

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Thank you for those wonderfully supportive comments Andrea.

It means a lot coming from someone new, as to my different style of “project introduction” for want of a better description. It’s feedback like this that will encourage me to continue the madness. :crazy_face:

The originals were born out of the Covid Lockdowns and an attempt to spread a little warmth, humour and insanity but I guess we all had a touch of the latter during those periods. Suffice to say it rumbled on and has now been truly resurrected under the New Diary banner here.

As to my support to the community, I do what I can to pass on the things that tripped me up, in the hope others can avoid doing the same. Ha ! you can also drop the " " for veteran, as I am getting on a bit these day, even if that’s the body and not the mind.

Thanks again, these comments do mean al lot.


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As always thoroughly enjoyed that Toby. Thought the 2nd video was spot on. Not sure what you were using on the Vocal but it worked really well and overall production sounded great.

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Creative madness keeps us young :wink:

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Well, what did you expect from someone who just watched the ramblings of a madman, only to be insulted by said same one at the end? :rofl:
As if not enough, to then witness the attack of the clones as they perform ‘amazing’ aural aerobatics? (Admittedly, a classy performance on both fronts :smiley:)
It was only after the spectacle of descent into mime that I pushed the Brenda-button.

Joking aside, there’s a lot of thought and time that goes into these offerings, for which you receive beaucoup de vibrations :sunglasses:
Bien fait, mon ami.


Jason, thank you. Glad you liked the BT version, I think the stems from Karaoke UK made big difference. Vox FX wise, a correction to what I had said earlier, it was actually Spring Reverb on the TC Helicon Play Acoustic not Dark Room Double. It was set on a “light” spring and I monkeyed around with the the delay a little, to get that slight “dual vox” effect without going full Doubler. Thanks re production turned ok for a quick set up, compared to normal.

Haha can’t get enough Brenda !!!

Aural aerobatics ? Classy ? You go too far my friend. Thank you for the good vibes, yes I agree there may be a certain amount of effort that goes into the musical production. But with the BT in situ pre-recording, the Marcel effect was too much to resist whilst working on the timing !! But unlike my white gloved compatriot I was actually singing along ! As to the intros, absolutely no effort whatsoever and likely dependent on where I am in the lunar cycle. As this was “new broom” production, I had to take jab in your direction. I mean it just wouldn’t be the same if didn’t and a reminder I am not the only one here with questionable sanity. Who knows who will be the target, come Chapter Two.

Thank you Brian. :sunglasses:

Madman Out.

Hi Toby, wonderful performance. Keep them coming, including the diary videos with the insights of all the effort behind the scene.

Wow Toby! It was just amazing, of course I know the original well, great song, but I like your version even more! I am delighted with what I heard, thank you my friend, you made my tonight!


Thank you Andreas, appreciate your comments and you taking the time to listen. :sunglasses:

Cheers Mike, that means a lot coming from you.

Its a busy old backing track, so the guitar work was a bit sparse but there are some tasty licks and fills, that can be added at a future date when I have the confidence to play more lead. But at least I now have 2 songs where I have soloed the intro line and the mini solo in White Rabbit I did a year ago. All this has given me the confidence to do more. And listening to you and Kasper fires my ambition to go further.

I didnt realise you had a play acoustic. I thought it very effective with the dual vox and yes the BT was pretty good.

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Its been sitting in the box for over a year but I decided in needed some options for vocals leading up to OM8 so I used it for the first time a couple weeks before hand. Its got some great FX and I downloaded the “management” software this evening. That gives me access to several hundred new FX. Down loaded a Lemmy, Manson and what I think is something Dylanesque as it was labeled 4 Ever Jung - could have done with that for OM7 !! Sent my daughter a spoof version of Amazing early in the week before we started sound testing, using the Tinkerbell vox fx. Due to the content I can’t share here, if you get my drift but could make some off the wall diaries in the future. :rofl: