Madman's New Diary Chapter One - Amazing (over BT)

Haha can’t get enough Brenda !!!

Aural aerobatics ? Classy ? You go too far my friend. Thank you for the good vibes, yes I agree there may be a certain amount of effort that goes into the musical production. But with the BT in situ pre-recording, the Marcel effect was too much to resist whilst working on the timing !! But unlike my white gloved compatriot I was actually singing along ! As to the intros, absolutely no effort whatsoever and likely dependent on where I am in the lunar cycle. As this was “new broom” production, I had to take jab in your direction. I mean it just wouldn’t be the same if didn’t and a reminder I am not the only one here with questionable sanity. Who knows who will be the target, come Chapter Two.

Thank you Brian. :sunglasses:

Madman Out.

Hi Toby, wonderful performance. Keep them coming, including the diary videos with the insights of all the effort behind the scene.

Wow Toby! It was just amazing, of course I know the original well, great song, but I like your version even more! I am delighted with what I heard, thank you my friend, you made my tonight!


Thank you Andreas, appreciate your comments and you taking the time to listen. :sunglasses:

Cheers Mike, that means a lot coming from you.

Its a busy old backing track, so the guitar work was a bit sparse but there are some tasty licks and fills, that can be added at a future date when I have the confidence to play more lead. But at least I now have 2 songs where I have soloed the intro line and the mini solo in White Rabbit I did a year ago. All this has given me the confidence to do more. And listening to you and Kasper fires my ambition to go further.

I didnt realise you had a play acoustic. I thought it very effective with the dual vox and yes the BT was pretty good.

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Its been sitting in the box for over a year but I decided in needed some options for vocals leading up to OM8 so I used it for the first time a couple weeks before hand. Its got some great FX and I downloaded the “management” software this evening. That gives me access to several hundred new FX. Down loaded a Lemmy, Manson and what I think is something Dylanesque as it was labeled 4 Ever Jung - could have done with that for OM7 !! Sent my daughter a spoof version of Amazing early in the week before we started sound testing, using the Tinkerbell vox fx. Due to the content I can’t share here, if you get my drift but could make some off the wall diaries in the future. :rofl: