Madmans New Diary Chapter Two = Blue Boy Where's Cyndi?

That has got to be an oxymoron surely. :rofl:

Appreciate the comments Adi. Twas just a combination of nice licks, right place right time. Fantastic is a great expression for those Iron Gear pups. One of these I’ll do a make over on one of the Washburns and awaken another beast !

Cheers Shane, apparently its sapphire which is why I got away with one of the basses! Of course I didn’t have a clue what 45 was, could have been tapioca ! Feel free to take what you what from the impro and if you need supportive material, drop me a PM.

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Ain’t that the truth, Toby.

Just had a crack at that lick you shared while trying to get the squeeze down with the thumb and rotate the hand to push fingers up … I got a good feeling, even though it felt a bit weird. I think this playing with the thumbs over and the three fingers flat at an angle to cover 4 frets is worth working at. And then to try and play chords from that basic position opens up the ability to move between chords and licks.

The road is loooooong

But with that lick I sounded bluesy, maybe for the first time ever in my ears. Just playing the lick over the BT.

Happy days.

Thanks again

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Hey Toby!

Great performance! Really loved the usage of bendings, sounded great to me! An slow blues as you say, but with a lot of stuff going on… changing pickups and adjusting knobs :exploding_head:. Besides, it sounded very soft and warm with all the notes well linked, even when you were jumping over the neck.

10 out of 10 :clap: :guitar::metal:

Toby, hello my friend, you did a great solo, good sound, your guitar sang beautifully! You brightened up my evening.
Thanks for sharing


See my PM


Maybe those numbers need reorganising ! :wink: Thank for your kind words, I have learnt the hard way and with guidance of some mentors here like @stitch impros are not made up on the spot just extracted from a scale, its the application of licks and phrases you have learnt and learnt apply at the right time. Its taken a good time to get here but I am still very much of the beginning of this part of the journey. Thanks for the feedback. :sunglasses:


Mike my dear friend so glad to be shinning a light in your direction. Boy do you guys need it!
Its amazing how stringing a few licks together can turn out sometimes, thanks for listening. Be well.

Hi Toby!
I got a lot of pleasure from your post. You’ve got a great sound on your Strat!
And as for the 45th wedding anniversary - it’s generally fantastic, which I never dreamed of :crazy_face: Although, my parents had a 70th anniversary, so you and your wife have somewhere to move :slightly_smiling_face:
And thanks for the Cindy video. I haven’t seen it before, I didn’t imagine her so groovy at all. And what a cool bass player she has there!
keep moving,

Hi Toby,
No thin guitar here… Making me think the prior OM trial post was the product of the whole zoom OBS deal… Great tone and good job on this.

Nice bends that seems to end up where they should to my ears. Pleasing, laid back offering for sure!

Happy anniversary. I have one in 3 days and it will be just the 22nd as the ex would add another 22 - 23 years or so of being “hitched”. So much for being ditched…

Take good care and all the best!


I’ll now have to go check the bass player out. I skipped through 95% of the video and it was only posted as a wind up Mr Preece’s following his latest noodle ! Wow 70 years that was some milestone for sure. And yes the old Affinity sounded quite nice, should use it more often or stick Iron Gear pups in everything else ! :rofl:
Thanks for the listen.


Yes I think Zoom is diluting something for sure but the other recording could have been wrong amp or balance. But Reaper to OBS is definitely working fine and sounding good. These slow blooze are great for working out how to exploit the licks, offer plenty of opportunity for space and allowing you to think how to exploit the licks on the 2nd and 3rd cycle before playing it straight again. I’m still not sure on those bends but trust your ears more than mine.

As for the marriage duration, there is a frequent repose to anyone stating they have been married for over 20 or 25 years, which is “you’d serve less for murder!!”. Happy Anniversary for later this week and say hi to your good lady.



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Congrats on the 45 years, quite an achievement. Enjoyed the playing, you seem to be making some good progress.

Thanks Trevor. I think the progress is down to repeated practice of the 30 odd licks I have been learning and then bringing a handful together that allows passage between scale positions in an economical fashion. That was a cluster of licks which though transposable were presented in the Key of G. Today I have started looking at a similar mini project with a cluster of licks in E. All good fun.

Some cool laid back blooze licks there Toby, I really enjoyed the listen. Your strat sounded great and I think I can recognise some of the licks
Your toggles may be tiny but whatever you’re doing with them is working well. :smiley:

Great jam, sounding smooth Toby :+1:

That was some very smooth and super cool playing Toby. :sunglasses:

I hope you both had a good day and congrats on 45 years together.

Nice job Toby. Enjoyed the intro as always and thought you nailed the improv pretty well nice tone on the guitar, subtle bends and licks. Flowed very nicely. I’m not sure I noticed a lot of difference from the tone control changes though. You’ll get far more variance trying to implement some gain staging to slowly ramp things up by bringing in more gain on the amp or adding in a distortion pedal I think. Make the guitar scream! but then again a twin HB is probably better for that anyway. :grinning:

@sairfingers Gordon if you recognizing some of the licks, that’s a bonus. So thanks for that. There were a couple of that “G” group that were 12/8 in the lessons but I adjusted them to 4/4. On the toggle front I could have gone with some Dr Dolittle Pushmepullyous but I would have lost some flexibility and it was my first go at soldering. They make it look a bit of a mongrel but the silver pearl guard distracts from that. :rofl:

Dave/Stefan thanks for listen and I appreciate the comments.

@Rossco01 Jason thanks for that. Overall it went to plan as it could be, as there are elements I’ll add to the licks on a whim and hope I don’t hit a bum note but targeting is much better these days. I need to listen again as maybe I am being too self critical on the bends. The tone change was subtle and not a much as I wanted. It may have been better to use the blend pot and bring both the HBs in together (yes they scream). At the moment the expression pedal is not in the chain and I think that would give better control, either for boosting the amp gain or overdrive. But thanks for the advice and suggestions, :sunglasses:

What’s Next ?
Well I am planning a fusion of 6 licks in E, some different techniques and from the nut to 17th fret, possibly beyond :scream: so I’ll need my passport !

They’ve been dropped into GuitarPro and once I am happy with moving between them, I’ll look for embellishments and slight changes here and there. Then it will be time to find a backing track that suits the tempo I can play them at and works in harmony with the licks.
So Chapter Three is being written as we speak.

Thank you all for you comments and feedback.



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Congratulations on your anniversary. When I saw David’s YouTube video, I was expecting a male version of Cindy Lauper… at first I was a bit disappointed, but eventually I kinda liked it.

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