Major Scale Soloing - Tom Petty song

This is a longshot I’m sure, but since I’ve just spent half an hour looking for the lesson I’ll ask to see if anyone else knows where it is on the JG website. Under some discussion or topic on major scale soloing / jamming there were 2 songs that there were excerpts from, a Tom Petty Song, and some other song. Justin either played the couple of bars from those 2 songs, or there was an audio clip at just that section (i.e. it wasn’t just a list of songs). I thought at the time ‘I should learn that Tom Petty song’. It was a very short bit but I quite liked it, and it was a good example of a repeating major scale motif used in a solo. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, and recalls the lesson, please share! Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this the video you9thinking of? Darrell posted it in one threads

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Wow @stitch thank you, yes this is exactly the post that I was looking for. A) not a Justin lesson, and B) not the Major scale - so no surprise that after another 30 minutes looking for it I still couldn’t find it! Thank you!

Your welcome Mari. The major pentatonic is the major scale
missing the 4 and 7 intervals so you can learn both at the same
time. I recommend try soloing in the major pent first it removes
the two problem notes.

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Agreed - but that Tom Petty song is not even Major pentatonic it’s minor pentatonic!!! Lol