Mal - February 2023 - A Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan) + Dixie Chicken (Little Feat) + Willin' To (Little Feat) + 8 Days A Week (Beatles)

Thanks JK, pleased you enjoyed it. As we all know things do get easier with time and practice, but still others do niggle. For me we never cease practice, there is always something to learn, my F has become better since the recording after trying a slightly different grip, i.e. only pressing on E B E with my index finger, something I often forget. Onwards! :smiley:

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Hi Cate, I’m in for one year and five month now, working on the F for several months. It’s a little bit funny, as I never had any issues to grab that chord, I think it took me less than five attempts to let him ring out clearly and I thought, that’s it. Hm, didn’t know at that time how hard it is to speed up changes. I do OMC and PFC but can’t get more than 45-50, which is too slow for most songs. BUT: I’m not frustrated at all…it will come! Patience is the key!

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Thanks for replying Helen. It’s encouraging all the time hearing from others and their struggles but clearly conquering it. You did get me on the OMC PFC bit. I’ve not a clue about all the technical music theory yet. I am going to start reading up on it to gain more understanding in that department but wow, very impressed that you were able to hit it after 5 attempts. Add a few 00’s behind it for myself and I’m still nowhere near it but as I’ve said many times now…it’s not going to end my journey again. I thought I was coming up 2 months but just checked my rcpt for when I bought my guitar, which was only 4/1 so not even two months yet. I just need to remember, I’m old :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, have rheumatoid and a couple of other things going on so I’ll get there. I say that also because of purely this site. Finding JG was the best thing to have happened. Thank you again.

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Really nice job there Mal well played and shame you will miss the next OM! But glad you shared your planned performance in AVOYP :slight_smile:

Thanks Adrian, pleased you liked this. I will be performing at the next OM for sure. :smile: :smile:

Have been messing around with this for awhile, still not sure if it needs a band, let me know what you think. There are a couple of fluffs, mouth and brain not engaging, but I do enjoy playing this, and a great track from a really great band ‘Little Feat’.


I could tell you were really enjoying that Mal. 1. Don’t know the song 2. Not my kind of music BUT I found myself tapping my foot and bobbing my head. That was super fun and I too really enjoyed it Mal

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Thank you kindly Cate, really pleased you enjoyed this.

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I really did. I even had my son looking at me oddly from down the corridor because of the toe tapping and head bobbing, totally unaware of what I was listening to.


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Great work mate, you sound :+1: great

That was very entertaining Mal. I also found my toe tapping along to it. Loved the vocals as always. Well done.

Thank you Mark. :smiley:

Thanks Peter, pleased you enjoy this. :smiley:

That was terrific Mal. I loved the percussive strum pattern you used, it really drove the song along. Great vocal, I really loved the song too. Well done all round.
As for the fluffs, don’t tell us about them in advance. What would probably have gone unnoticed is suddenly the thing you’re waiting for. :smiley:

Hi Gordon, you are correct about forewarning, but it is a good fluff :grinning: Pleased you enjoyed it, thanks.

Loved that Mal, great rhythm to it, add me to the foot tapping / head bobbing list!!

Thank you Mark, might try to get you all in the ‘mosh pit’ next. :smiley: :rofl:

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So long as there’s some paracetamol available for when I leave the pit, my moshing days are long behind me!! :slight_smile:

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That was great, Mal, loved the rhythm and dynamics on this one.

Really enjoyed that Mal. And with your intro and your percussive strumming it definitely suits singer/songwriter style and doesn’t need a band. Harmonies from Lara now, that would be nice :wink:

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