Mal - February 2023 - A Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan) + Dixie Chicken (Little Feat) + Willin' To (Little Feat) + 8 Days A Week (Beatles)

Thanks Mark, Pleased you enjoyed this. I have actually been working on a different song which is more challenging, timing and such, and so had a rest from that and played this. It came out ok and so posted it. :smiley: :smiley: And you are correct it certainly is not effortless, am always attempting to learn something more when playing.

Excellent performance Malc. I have always loved this song. I think you may have inspired me. :wink: Thanks!

You are more than welcome sir, thank you, pleased you enjoyed it. :smiley:

@Malz I really enjoyed that! I love Willin and wouldn’t have thought of playing it fingerstyle but it works beautifully.

Thanks Michael, pleased you enjoyed my version. Yes I have been messing around with finger style on this for a while, it does work, still love the slide in the original though. :smiley:

Here is my last song for this month. Always loved this, thought I would try it.


A prolific and productive February there Mal, rounded out with another banger :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark, as I am not performing in the next OM, will be in the audience, thought I would record some. Pleased you enjoyed my efforts. :grinning: :smiley:

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Hello Mal, when I see and hear you performing, everything looks so easy. You play with such confidence and ease - really great to watch :star_struck:. It’s always a pleasure listening to your songs. Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Hi Nicole, Thank you for your kind words. Pleased it looks easy and that you enjoy my efforts. As you well know guitar and practice takes time, this community has provided a valuable impetus to my playing and consequently performing, mostly in the OMs. Pleased you enjoyed my efforts.

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Hi Mal, yes, I’m absolutely certain, it took quite a lot of time and effort to get to a level, where performing a song finally looks so easy. And every new song, brings new challenges.
For me, as a beginner, this sometimes appears out of reach. But I know, I have to be patient with myself - and finally, I might get there as well :smiley:.


Hi Nicole, time and time, and as Richard says ‘learn songs, learn songs, learn songs’. It really does make a huge difference. Carry on and enjoy the journey. :smiley:

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Excellent job on the intro, Mal. I updated the OP with a link to the song and tweaked the title to include the artist (following convention).

Thank you David. This site is for sure a steep learning curve, but getting there. The intro is still being worked on as not quite smooth enough yet, thanks. :smiley:

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Don’t stress about that, Mal, keep doing what you are doing and whenever necessary one of the Mods will lend a hand to keep all neat and tidy. It takes next to no time to do that and done with pleasure.

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You have that groove going well Mal, really did a justice to such a great song! Well done

Thanks Adrian, pleased you enjoyed it.

Sorry Mal, I’m only just catching up on your postings.

Those were three great songs, that your played and sang really well. The Little Feat one doesn’t need a band, just you and your guitar sounded great.

No apologies necessary, pleased you enjoyed them. Seems like you missed number 4. :smiley: :smiley: :grinning:

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No no, I got that one 14 day’s ago. Stop trying to gaslighting me Mal. :joy:

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