Mal - March 2023 - Your Song (Elton John) + Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)

This song at present is difficult to play and sing together, so here is the guitar only version, all comments and critique welcome. Playing it pretty much as Justin suggests though with a little jazz feel, what do you think?


Dead Flowers


Love it Mal :+1:

Nice Mal, I’d stop at simply difficult to play!! A couple of slight delays in a handful of changes but goodness me it sounded really lovely! Your end smile said it all, clearly a challenge and you deserved to give yourself rhat!

Fascinated to hear your version Mal. I think with your jazzy version you can get away without a vocal. The melody itself is interesting enough. Really well done Mal.

By complete coincidence I’ve recently been trying to learn a version of the song along with my wife who is learning it on piano.
The problem is her music has the song in a different key so I’ve been trying to change the guitar key with a capo but then use different shapes. This has added to the difficulty as the chords in the song are quite unusual.

I didn’t realise Justin had a lesson on the song and had never thought to search his song list for it. Thanks for pointing me in that direction Mal. :+1:

Thanks Mark, I have attempted singing but it is easier to simply play. The delays were 'cos I forgot what was next! It is not an easy song to play but I do love it, and pleased you enjoyed my effort. :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks Dave.

Hi Gordon, the more the song is played I also think it gets away without the vocal, one of the reasons it is played with a jazz feel. Pleased you enjoyed the effort, and when I spend a week or so on it I will post it again.
Yes, check out the version Justin has, not easy but as usual explained with his easy instructive, encouraging manner. The chords as you say are somewhat unusual, but worthwhile I feel. When you both are ready it would be good to see your version. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Love it!

Thanks Rene. :smiley:

Mal, that was wonderful. I loved the groove it had going on, it gave the song a totally different feel.

That sure does look like a really hard on to play and sing together but like Gordon said, it has such a great feel to it, it doesn’t need lyrics.

Hi Stefan pleased you enjoyed my effort. I am coming round to thinking the same, no vocals is easier, cos it is difficult to play. Still a work in progress and when I have under my fingers will post again. :grinning:

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Here is another song while practicing for the forthcoming OM, the mix is not quite right yet, but hey I enjoy playing this.


Hello Mal, I always enjoy your song choices very much. Your playing and singing suit them so well :smiley: .
Thanks a lot for sharing, this was a real treat :hugs: .

Great song to listen to this morning, nice cover Mal. I really like the way you’re picking your guitar here.

Thank you Nicole, pleased you enjoyed them. :smiley:

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Thanks Mari, one of the few times I use a pick as I generally use my fingers. :grinning:

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Fantastic Mal. Love how you played this! Very enjoyable :sunglasses:

Thanks Eddie, I do enjoy playing this. A simple chord progression but great to play. :grinning:

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Brilliant singing and playing Mal. I really enjoyed that one. Nice start to my day.

Thanks Stefan, pleased you enjoyed it. Seer you at the OM. :smiley: