Mal - September 2022 - Long May You Run - Neil Young

Being a Neil Young fan I really enjoyed that, nicely played and sung. Until it was mentioned I had not noticed your facial expression, it was ok for me.

That was great Mal. It is a NY song I didn’t know.

Thank you Trevor, pleased you enjoyed it.

Thanks Mark. I do enjoy playing this song.

Hi Mal, I so much enjoyed listening to your song - as I always do :hugs:. Wonderful song, great playing, and very harmonic vocals :grinning:. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Really nice performance Mal and recording was great. Were you intending to have your vocal hard panned to the left? Felt to me like it might be a little bit better panned slightly more to the right BUT really didn’t detract from the recording. You seem to have the levels and overall tone spot on. Really enjoyed it.

Nicole, thank you, pleased you enjoyed the song.

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Hi Jason, did not even consider the pan. I now have a Focusrite Scarlett and so am presently in testing phase. With this recording I was just pleased it sounded better than my efforts with the iPhone. Pleased you enjoyed it, thank you.