Maple fretboards

Stop it! :rofl:

Hey, I’m practising too :wink:

I suppose you’d have to look up the model, but if it’s electric and the fingerboard has a yellowish colour, odds are it’s maple :wink:
Nothing wrong with maple btw, I bought one last month.
I just prefer the dark :sunglasses:


I am not a fan of maple necks on electric guitars & hadn’t seen an acoustic before reading this thread…
If you’re looking for a “blonde”…

Ibanez makes a pretty good looking instrument that’s blonde maple everywhere!

On the other hand, Cordova makes this…

which I find extremely unattractive. It sounds pretty good though…

The link I just added is the right guitar with the wrong description for some reason… if you click the link & tap play video you can hear the Cordova… if you notice the price, wow! It’s very affordable!

That said, I’m definitely in the rosewood, ebony or pau ferro camp!!!


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I don’t particularly like maple fretboards, I prefer dark woods. But I do like the roasted maple on my electric - that’s (more or less) dark too :slight_smile:

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I suspect part of the reason with acoustics is a maple board requires sealing. Most electric guitars have a substantial finish but acoustics generally do not.

I have 2 accoustics, one being an electric/accoustic. The fender is wallnut and the epiphone is ebony. I can tell, wood worker for 20 years. Give or take.

One quick tid bit of info. You can get light and datk colours from all woods. Depends on if it is heart wood or sap wood. Wallnut sap wood is almoat white. Really cool when white and brown mix. Just an example. Maple is the same way as well as most hardwoods and softwoods. Cherry is really cool looking with both heart and sap wood are mixed in.

Rock on!


7 Acoustics, 6 Rosewood, and 1 Carbon Fiber
12 Electrics, 9 Rosewood, and 3 Maple


I guess those are your 19 Things? :laughing:
Dude likes Rosewood :wink:
Out of curiosity, how many of the maples are tele/strats?
You’ve mentioned being into gear before. I think it’d make an interesting post to share pics of your toya :smiley:

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That Ibanez is very pretty. Gotta add it to my long list of guitars I will most likely never buy, but it’s nice to dream otherwise.

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Two maple Teles, one maple 50s strat, there is also a rosewood thinline arriving next week.

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Damn, you are quick on the draw, Sir! You busted my ninja edit.

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I owned a couple of maple necked Strats 10+ years ago.

To me, they just felt better than the darker fretboard woods.

Smoother, slicker, easier to slide up and down the neck, and bend strings.

Thread incoming in a little while, that’s a lot of blurry pictures to take. Maybe I’ll just line them all up for a group picture. :smiley:

Maple fretboards do tend to have a lacquer finish on them so that could account for the smoother feel you experienced with them. Rosewood, ebony, walnut, and so on are, to the best of my knowledge, are always left unfinished.

Yep its because maple soaks up water so needs to be sealed otherwise bad things happen

And then people relic the finish off…

My Strat has a finished maple fretboard and I absolutely love it. Like you said, it just feels better - smoother, faster, easier slides and bends. For an electric, I wouldn’t choose anything else.

My electric has a rosewood fret board. Now I can blame my ineptitude on not having maple! Cool!

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Ha! That’s my excuse for why I’m so slow on my acoustic!


It’d be disappointing to get a guitar with maple fretboard and not play any better. But then you’ll have another guitar, so I don’t see any drawbacks.

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