Marvellous Modal Meanderings

Wasn’t quite sure where to post this one, so Mods are free to move.

So I was going back over some old worksheets in my Practice Schedule xls I’ve been using since 2013 and updating every year. Anyway I came across a Tab labelled Intervals and it piqued by my modal meanderings from last year (on the old forum) and I thought I’d take a look at what I had put in there, donkeys years ago. 2015 in fact as I discovered !

So not surprising I had listed all the modes, their intervals and scale formulas, along with Maj & Min pentatonics and the Blues Scale. All pretty normal as you’d suspect but sitting at the bottom of the mode column was an entry for Spanish Phrygian !! Basically Phrygian with a maj 3rd. Can’t remember why I added that or what the heck it was but …

Those that know me won’t be surprised that I grabbed the nearest stringed implement to investigate further.

So after a visit to NeckDiagrams2 a little yellow box was issued forth and I had a noodle.

So as you can see, it has a bit of an identity crisis but it makes for some cool noodling, especially from the 4th string root in this example. So hey, thought I’d share this experience.
Look its got a b7 to Root so my Mixo addiction was awakened !!

So apart from the share, a couple of questions.

a) how do you write a scale formula with a tone and a half step ie b2 to 3.
This is Phrygian S T T T S T T - and yes aii) should be Who cares? I know !
b) anyone encountered this in songs they’ve played ?
c) would the diatonic chords follow the “normal formual” in this case in the Key of A
A, bBm, C#m, D, E, Fm, G7 (I’m going G7 coz I am not keen on a b7dim if that’s ok)

Ooookay, I have Southern Rock to attend too but intend to revisit this world of intrigue.

Go on have a dabble, it’ll be fun.


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OK I may have actually got an answer for a) once I looked at the Pents. TS ?? Is that it ?
S TS T T S T T ?

So I had another dabble and went lofi with the phone. Bit scrappy but an idea of the “feel”
oh and one bum note ! :slightly_frowning_face:

Viva Phrygian

I’m so glad to see Richard working up a reply :laughing:

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Toby goes modal again.
Vive indeed.

Toby - remember this page that I linked you to some time back that helped you make sense of the modes and their associated chords?
Check the bottom row. Harmonic minor scale.
The Spanish Phrygian (just one of its many names) is a mode of the harmonic minor scale.
I could tell you the tale but I’m not sure you need it at this stage of making the sounds and having fun.

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Ah yes, I remember it well but I think with all that was going on in that Tale of Modes and Chord Lending back then I blanked the minors completely ! And yes its was bookmarked already :smiley:

But oh dear, I am now thinking Ooo K so which mode of the Harmonic…not seeking an answer just thinking out loud. And will refrain from googling chord progressions.

If it sounds good :wink:

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A wise man once gave this piece of advice to the world for free.
Pay real close attention to what he says at 4:18 of the video.

OK ok but hey when the wise men are awol ? Anyway I am back in the real world now with more important challenges. :wink: