Math07 JG Rock Songbook Project (7 out of 15) - 2 songs added 11 May


Wow ! Carlos, you have been following my rock songbook project since the beginning ! Thanks a lot!

To answer your question, it depends.

My initial goal was to work on this songbook project in parallel with the Grade 3 course. But, I got absorbed by the songs and did not have enough time to do both at the same time. So I ended up doing a separate schedule like 3 weeks with focus on the rock songbook and then 3 weeks with focus on one grade 3 module.

So, with this schedule, it took me about one year to finish grade 3 and its consolidation. And I started Grade 4 2 weeks ago. The rock songbook definitely prepared me well for Grade 4. All those power chords helps for barre chords practice. And the complexity of the rhythm of the songs help with the rhythm maestro course.

I’d recommend the songbook to anyone that is working through grade 2 and above.

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Thanks for answering my question.

I am currently about to finish the 3rd grade as well and I think I want to start learning more “complex” songs.

The thing it’s that it takes time and I feel I should do the same and alternate from learning new songs and practicing.

That’s why I like to follow your songbook since you’re one step ahead of me and I can learn different things from your videos.

Keep it up!

Sweet combination. Old and new light and heavy.

Great job.

Hey Mathieu! Glad to hear that my efforts made you look at classical music with more interest. There is a lot to learn and appreciate from the old masters. The benefits are obvious plus it is great fun, even the simple pieces.

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Well that was superb Matt! Honestly, it could have been a session musician playing - I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

This is great to read Mathieu! Listening to Classical Music is magical, it’s an experience that I found out only in the past few years…it makes me so good!
I think that when it’s about different Music genres it is all about how able we are to connect to the emotions they express…anger, melanchony, cheerfulness, lightness or heavy feelings… Music is such a special chance we have to connect with ourselves!