Maybe its time - Bradley Cooper (Jason Isbell)

Short and simple today. Hope its a bit better sound then the last.


You’ve got your hands on the way to the video recorder :grin:, you can easily shake them out of the “loose wrist” … This one was nice to listen to… again… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

That was wonderful, Trond. Such relaxed easy strumming and you’ve a really natural way of phrasing. Most enjoyable.

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A relaxed and confident performance Trond. Well done, I enjoyed your version.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

Appreciate it :pray:

Great stuff again Trond, definitely fixed the sound :slight_smile:


Its most likely the guitar. This one is much darker and boomier in the sound. And not so much string buzz either, little closer to the mic as well…

Discovered that iphone is not the best recording device🤣

Thanks for the feedback :pray:

Very nice tRONd, I quite enjoyed that! First time i heard that song. Ill have to look up the original! Nice job!


Thanks Byron :pray:

Yeah. Its a pretty short and easy song, but its still very cool.
Its from the A star is born movie. Original its finger plucked.

I love the movie and this song.

Your version made me want to learn it, so very well done, keep at it Trond.

Youll learn that in no time @KevinKevan just go for it!!:grin::+1:.

Thanks a lot!!

Nice! Love this song. I’ve tried learning the finger picking for this, but it was too random so I put it down.

Thanks @Thejoechoi

I think it sounds amazing fingerstyled. But its a great song for practise strumming.

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Short, simple and sweet - that’s what I like in music! :slight_smile: well done another fine performance!

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:pray: @adi_mrok

Glad you liked it Adrian. Yeah… its an very simple song yet it is really good and with very powerful lyrics…

Very relaxing listen; sounding good; mellow finger strum and vox. Wish I could play and sing like that, but I’m wound too tight.

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I really enjoyed that. Great performance! You inspired me to listen to J Isbell add this to songs I want to learn.

Thanks @oldhead49
Really appreciate your feedback. Thanks :pray:

Hi @garghhh

Yeah. Check out J Isbell, he is a super skilled musician with a lot of interresting stuff. Especially Drive by Truckers. They are very cool.

Appreciate your feedback :pray: Glad you liked it.

Very nicely done Trond.

You look so relaxed when playing and that really comes through in your music. A delight to listen to.

The smile at the end was better. :+1: