Messin Around Orginal On My Tele! (Parental Advisory Advised)

Hey guys so i finished my song… I know the lyrics are like daaang but thought it kinda fit the bluesy vibe… This drew inspiration from Hey Joe By Hendrix so yeah!! But it was something simple to come up with, hope you guys enjoy!! :slight_smile: Messin Around Original Song On My Fender Mexican Plus Fender Telecaster - YouTube


Sounding pretty sweet there Byron. That had a great vibe to it.

Was there some swearing in it? If so I didn’t spot it. :smiley:

No theres no swearing in it, its jsut that the story it tells is bad. Its about shooting your gf or wife for cheating on you.

Loved it Bryon. Nice vibe.

Great Byron! You’re diggin’ the blues :guitar:

“Love, I’ve wrote you a song” :flushed:


Good thing I don’t have a love lmao!!! I’d be 6 feet under haha.

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Sounds great👍

Groovy! Keep rockin dude, I got some BTO vibes from your tone and swing :+1:

Thanks man!! I love bto