Metronome help on time trainer app - problems with 6/8

Hi all,

Could someone explain to me the beats and division sections on Justin’s metronome? Am having real difficulty with the 6:8 time signature , it is really fast and confusing. Thanks in advance

Can you get the feeling of songs in 6/8? The 6/8 has been confusing for me as well and it helped me hugely to tap my foot only on beat 1 and 4. As I’m progressing I’m learning to tap 6 times, but at the beginning they were as you say fast and confusing. 1 and 4 are the main pulses, so it is 2 beats and each one of them is divided into 3. But the main thing with the 6/8 is listening to songs and get the feeling of it.

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Here’s a pretty good explanation of 6/8 time and how it differs from 3/4:


Worth checking out this post too

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@Socio this is what I was after, explains my problem! Thanks :+1:

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