Mid-life Crisis? Hello from Ross

Belated introduction as I’ve been lurking here a while…
I learned to play the organ (don’t ask) when I was a kid, abandoned it for years, then 5 years ago, rented a holiday let that had a piano, and surprised myself by how much I remembered of how to play. Bought a cheap electric piano to see if I’d get back into it, and I did and now have a lovely 100 year-old upright piano that I get a lot of pleasure from playing.
The thing is, I always wanted to be able to play the guitar, after all, it’s a lot cooler than an organ, and more portable than a piano, but I just couldn’t afford to buy myself one when I was young. I hit 50 this year and decided I didn’t need to justify learning another instrument, I should just get on with it.
I found Justin’s video recommending electric vs acoustic for beginners and through that decided on a nice cheap electric guitar (quiet enough for nobody to hear my beginner fumblings). And, of course, discovered that Justin had loads more videos and was a terrific teacher.
Guitar arrived in February, so I’m 5 months in now, and starting module 3 (may not have completely consolodated the first two modules!), and benefitting from the music theory from my piano playing.
I can’t sing, which is making it unlikely that I’ll post a video of myself any time soon, but I’m working on that too. I figure “can’t sing” is really just another instrument I don’t know how to play yet.


Welcome to the Community, Ross. Wish you much joy in learning the guitar with Justin.

:laughing: I am sure the late Jon Lord (of Deep Purple) may disagree on the cool factor of the organ. But for sure portability of the guitar is a plus, even more so the acoustic guitar.

Don’t let that stand in your way. You can share recordings of just playing, which is an invaluable part of the whole adventure, being a source of feedback and encouragement.

This is true. A few of us here have been giving attention to trying to learn to sing better. Can sure more should you be interested.


Thanks David.
I’ve only ever intended to play for my own entertainment, but experience with the piano has taught me that sooner or later someone will demand I play them something, so I will do the recording thing at some point, just to break some of that embarassment at performing.
I have a couple of songs that I’m trying to work up to a point where I could eventually post them and the process of trying to iron out the mistakes is proving valuable all by itself!


Welcome Ross! (Cool name, by the way… because it’s mine too.) :wink:

I thought exactly the same when I started learning guitar. Yet a few years on as competence and confidence has grown, I also find the idea of performing growing on me. Somewhat strange since I’ve never liked being the centre of attention. I’ve only taken the first step of actively performing songs for my Wife so far, which she really enjoys, but no videos or anything yet.

So yeah… never say never! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community Ross.

I’d highly recommend recording yourself even if its just to review your own performances. Then when you feel comfortable to share with your performances with others, this community is a great place to get constructive feedback and support.

I would say its more breaking the anxiety of performing as there is nothing to be embarrassed about performing.


I have made a couple of audio recordings just to be able to listen back to them in a month or two to remind myself I’m still improving. Definitely not sharing them though! :slight_smile:


I started learning with JustinGuitar in September. It took me until March to post an AVOYP. Everything in your own time Ross and only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

You may want to start a learning log. They are great for setting ourselves short and long-term goals, keeping a journal of progress etc. Something to look back at and remind ourselves how far we have come and the things we have overcome on the way there like the dreaded F chord.


Welcome Ross. I’m 18 months in and Justin’s course has been one of the best decisions and things I’ve ever done, guitar is definitely the coolest of all the instruments :wink:.

As others have said, sharing an instrumental at some point is well worth it for a variety of reasons and you’ll get great support from the crown here.

Great to have you along for the ride, good luck! :+1:


Hello Ross. A very warm welcome to the community, you old dog … Older guitar students / Can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?

Seems all is going well.
Are you learning songs, learning songs, learning songs?

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Moderator, Guide & Approved Teacher

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Great to meet you, welcome to the community. What a great story. When I started learning the guitar ten years ago, I was told it was a lot harder to sing and play so I only figured on playing and not singing. Learning the first song all the way through was a huge breakthrough for me and I would play it and my wife would sing it.

After about 50 or 60 times I found myself accidentally singing along in the chorus and OMG did the light in my head go off for me. I realized it wasn’t all that hard to sing and play after all. My voice will never make me a proper living and yet I’m amazed at how much it improves year on year.

So, I like how you put it about singing being an instrument that you haven’t learned yet. Do go for it, singing is such fun.

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Welcome, Ross. :+1:

I have also used the words “can’t sing” to describe myself, but decided to record myself doing it anyway, as a “do the thing that scares you” kind of exercise. The experience was nerve wracking, but everyone who replied was very positive and it helped with my confidence a lot. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with using my voice.

But, if you genuinely prefer not to sing, that’s fine too, post something of yourself just playing guitar!

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Hi Ross:

Welcome to the group. You have a leg up on the average new guitarist knowing another instrument. I have been here about two years now and getting better each day using Justin s methods. I played drums for a bit around age ten but only remembered rhythm in quarter and eighth notes. Music theory is quite helpful in seeing the big picture. You’re never too late to start and some of us older folks really are determined to make it work. Being 900 years old and a classmate of yodas as my wife likes to tease me doesn’t slow me down lol.

Singing takes time . I sing and play and post my music here. I know I have a lot of work to do, but always take baby steps in progress. You can do it if I can. Take care and good luck

Jeff from California

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I know it’s hard but there is no need to be embarrassed, we have all been where you are at the moment.

Hello and welcome to the community Ross. :slight_smile: