Milifax Learning Log

My Road Case, transferring it from the old forum to a summary onto the new community and updating my journey from here on.

May 19th 2021, the start of my road case
Hi all,

Milifax here. Picked up a guitar, because my daughter wanted to start playing (teached by a teacher, me by Justin). So I ordered a guitar for her and an extra for me as well just to see if I like it playing. I loved Guitar Hero in the past and the feeling of automatically placing my fingers, so yeah. In my younger days I played the piano for 8 years. Not really successful although basics are in.

I’m now at week 6 and at Module 5 of the course on the website.

Had a bit of a struggle switching from my initial (kind of crappy) classical guitar on which I started the first 4 weeks towards the western OM I now have. Tried a Dreadnought for a week, but that wasn’t for me at this moment (who knows in a later stage).

At the moment I’m struggling with the Dm cord (pinky) and the C cord. The C feels very nice, needs practice. Also I started playing not only with the app but from paper with a metronome.

Would like to share my first recording with you of I Walk the Line by Cash. [Had to see the movie last weekend, makes more sense now].
I play it along with the app on my headphones. Please comment and advise is welcome.

I walk the line - After 1 1/2 month of total practice time:

(Hope to keep you updated in this thread on my progress and looking forward to your feedback. Knowing myself I need to remind myself to do this update once in a while.)


May 20th 2021
Now that I’m on my way, let’s do another video. Discovered this song Sweet Ophelia today on the app. Love the cord changes on it.
This must be the fifth or sixth time I go through the song I think. Needs lot of attention and love to get it better. [And need to look into the strumming pattern I guess]
I’m surprised on the Am-cord when looking back on it. That doesn’t go as well as I think when I play.

Oh, and my leg is down. Full of energy it looks :grin:

Sweet Ophelia:

June 22nd 2021
Time for me to upload some songs again.
Made it to the end of Grade 1 and now it’s time to consolidate as Justin says.

Working on some songs to memorize, though still playing a lot along with the app. I need to try to play with metronome and from paper (and finally out of my head).
Memorizing is the most difficult phase for me I guess, as I cannot remember any songtexts and always making up my own lyrics when singing along with the radio (alone in the car). Work to be done.

Below two songs I recorded today. Not the best session, the first session is always the best and this was not it. Maybe the blinking recording light takes me off of it as well a bit, I don’t know.
However. the thing I notice is my fingers are not as close to the frets as I imagine. Will focus on that.

Changed my strings towards .010 recently to feel the difference. The guitar had still the ‘factory’ strings. Not bad, but they needed a lot of pressure. Wanted to see if new strings made a difference. Although these very light strings play very easy, the buzzing increased a lot. Not sure if I like the sound that much.
Next change will be toward 0.011 I guess.

If you have any tips on consolidating, songs I can add to memorize or such, I’m looking forward to your comments.

Working on songs:

  • Mad World - Gary Jules
  • Vincent - Don McLean (Not sure if I can memorize this one easily)
  • Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day
  • What’s Up - 4 Non Blondes (Capo Beginner Version)
  • A Team - Ed Sheeran

Mad World - Gary Jules:

And A Team from Ed Sheeran at 140bpm instead of 160 with a mess on the bridge part (discovered recently it is in range chord-wise, don’t speak about Sheeran-strumming. Will do in the future;))

A Team - Ed Sheeran:

July 25th 2021

Thanks all for the feedback and thinking along. Appreciate it.

As for progress:
I’m at the end of my consolidation time from Grade 1. Next is holiday, which probably means no guitar for 3 weeks as it just doesn’t fit in the car I’m afraid.
I posted 2 songs in the Audio and Video topic for feedback. Link below and I will include these video’s below as well to have my progress together.

I’m practicing all chord changes Justin advises. Doing them in one-minute change and in air change as well. The feeling, and less thinking, get better and better.

I also started the theory course. I recognize a lot from my piano playing adventure in my younger years. It definitely helps understanding. Nice to see guitar is so much more different and in an way more flexible as a piano.

Got the Justin Guitar songbook no. 2 as well, to push me to practice with metronome and from paper instead of from the app.

A lot going on, and the feeling gets better and better as I play from week to week.
Looking forward to Grade 2, although I know this period of laying the foundation is very useful as well.

Recorded songs:

Shotgun - George Ezra:

Viva la Vida - Coldplay

November 6th 2021
It has been a while since I wrote anything to my road case, or on the forum overall. Been reading lots of posts, but forgot to update mine. So here it is, an update for myself to keep track on my progress.

Lot learned since last time. I corrected my G chord and started on Grade 2.
Learned the different G-chord grips and I’m struggling through Wonderwall. When playing along with the app I still get comments here at home as if I’m chasing the bus. If played without the app, the rhythm feels consistent. But playing the app gives me a hurry up feeling or something. My wife has more problems with it then I have though.

At this moment I’m fighting the F-chord and it’s cheats. What was feeling like impossible is now feeling, after 2 weeks, some kind of more relaxed. I’m totally not there yet, but the real fight is over.
Changing to the F-chord seems an impossible hurdle to take. But we will probably get there.

Also tried to record some songs today. However, sound is really crappy recorded atm. No idea what is wrong. I did put new strings on, gauge 12. Maybe my pc-mic doesn’t like it, I don’t know.
Maybe good time to get an external mic.

I did a quick recording of U2 - One, just to have something for track-record. The sound is awful, so just a snippet for me myself.

One - U2:

Also looking into going electric. It is a journey to select the right gear it seems. Fun journey, but one where I could get lost in all the options. Friend of us is a year long electric player. He will assist me with the hunt.
Will update definitely when new guitar and amp will arrive.

For now, until next time.

November 15th 2021

So here is my full version of One as it is now.
Practicing to get the chords more clear, next stops are strumming to be done nicely and correct and fit in the extra’s like the D-chord played differently and stuff like that Justin addresses in his video.

One - U2:

December 8th 2021
Took some time searching/comparing, playing on different instruments and waiting for a nice deal to come around, but here it is, my new electric Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT.
It is a real beginners guitar, however I’m really happy with it. The deal was really good I think [for my own record when I look back in the posts in a couple of years maybe, total costs were a tiny bit over €200,-].
It is a second hand guitar with a second hand Fender Champion 40 amp (which can go really loud for my small guitar room (and neighbors next to it)).

I will be looking for another small practice amp to avoid angry folks from next door at my doorstep and children not sleeping at night. But the headphones connected to the amp will do for now.

Because it was second hand, I took it a bit apart; I cleaned it thoroughly, of course put on new strings, polished the frets, oiled up the fretboard, adjusted action, adjusted pickup height and made sure intonation is okay.
For now I’m a happy electric player.

I really had to get used to it, as it is a different way of placing your fingers. It is more cramped to each other. And to me it is less forgiving than an acoustic. Already had loads of fun with it playing songs.

In the meantime the home-office room had to get a refreshment job, which gave me an excuse to transform it at least for half of the room into my guitar playing room. Painted the room, got rid of a lot of junk, placed new cabinets and hooks on the wall for my guitars.

Here 2 pics of my guitars. Off to a nice collection…
Now back to practice again and getting back to Justins class.


I love rereading the RCs that are being brought over from the old Forum. It just reminds you of how far folks have come and the progress they continue to make.

Thanks for re-sharing Milifax :sunglasses:

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Hi Milifax. Dee here. Just looked at your road case. Indeed we have been on a similar journey. Your videos are great and I can see a lot of improvement along the way. Hope you are enjoying learning as much as I am.

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Good to see you over here, Milifax. Enjoyed a re-read and refresh on your journey. Look forward to the next chapter.

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Good to see your progress recorded here Milifax.

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