Module 18 practice tab

I am on module 18 and there is no practice tab to save to my routine can anyone help with this.

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There aren’t any practice tabs on any of the modules from 18 on, just suggestions on what you might want to practice, so you have to construct your own practice routine. I believe this is deliberate on Justin’s part, as grade 3 is designed to be the transition between beginner and the intermediate course. In the intermediate course there aren’t even suggestions, you have to decide for yourself what you need to practice, and the absence of the practice tab (with a ready made routine) in these later grade 3 modules is preparation for that. (btw, I’m on module 19, still got a couple of elements in my routine from module 17 that I just can’t nail :rage:)

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Well thanks for the reply I guess I will figure how I will go at this I guess.

I had this problem too and was confused.

I felt the practice dashboard was relatively unintuitive at first as I didn’t find the more advanced items.

Later when trying to use it again, I found that there is a separate tab for the items, where you just can easily construct new items yourself, besides editing them.

There could be clearer wording in the last lesson where you normally get your new practice routine. And maybe a link to a step-by-step Tutorial on how to make your routines and items from scratch in the dashboard if you like to still use it at that point.

Agreed. I have started writing down my practice plans on paper with a date started. (I also have a 3 ring binder with songs and the same songs in a folder on my phone.)

About every 2 weeks, I make a new practice plan to swap out the portions that I have made good progress on and replace those items with new things to work on. I still use Justin’s general categories such as technique, knowledge, repertoire, time and transcription.

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Like we used to do with these sheets before the practice assistant was a thing

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I am all tech and not sure if I remember how to write again🤣


I set up my practice routines on an excel spreadsheet :joy:

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I use MS OneNote for practice plans and the associated notes and updates, new lesson notes, whatever. Its flexible. Easy to just type notes, include links to lessons, YT videos, etc. Easy to organize and re-organize as needed.

Excellent idea! I may do that.

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I think I am still going to use JustinGuitar site to set my practice . I just have to manually write it in, What I want to do and how long . Thanks for the help to all that replied as this is going to help me further my guitar journey.