Mori_music February 2024 - my cover of Imagine - John Lennon + Always Remember - Lady Gaga

I am trying a great song from John Lennon

I modified it according to my needs


Hi Michael,

Solid work mate :+1: I really enjoyed it. Well put together too in a good looking space and nice video work. Really enjoyed watching the two parts :+1:

I usually skip listening to Beatles or John Lennon songs. In this case I was curious, given that you told us that you started with guitar and bass only last summer. Yes, your playing sounded good and very consistent :slightly_smiling_face:

I read that you, like @MacOneill for
example, also use Yousician - and I understood that Yousician teaches certain skills rather than others.

As much as I want to believe you and as much as I agree that dedication and hard work will go a long way, I still find it really amazing that after only a bit more than half a year of playing you would sound like this :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you could tell us more about your background? :sun_behind_small_cloud: Are you proficient with other instruments for example? Did you have experience with music and video production already before you decided playing guitar and bass?

Whatever you are doing it seems to be working brilliantly :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe you could give some insight on to how many hours you are practising per day and on to what you are practicing specifically and how?

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About my past. When I was a little boy, we had a guitar in the family because my dad played in a bar band.
When I was 10 years old I was trying some basic chords and strumming by ear without a teacher. After a short time I gave it up.

In my 20 I started playing drums but it only lasted me about six months. Only now in my 42 I’m returning to the guitar again.
I practice daily about 2-3 hours. Besides that I have been producing videos for a long time.
But in the past I shot more nature and cities than myself.


This is truly lovely. A very delicate, sensitive arrangement, beautifully played. Thanks for a gorgeous start to the day!

Nicely done Michael!

My cover of Always Remember Us This Way.

Recorded on 3 tracks (rythmic guitar, lead guitar, support lead guitar). Video is showing only rythmic and lead guitar.


Given the number of low responses to your videos and the fact that you have already created 5 topics in 10 days and 6 replies and only in your own topics, maybe just a little explanation to make your stay here as fun and efficient as possible…

You are doing so well that it is interesting to follow you for some people… but without any form of interaction it becomes a one man show and that would be a shame
Kind regards

Ok I get it. I am retreating for while. Thank you for notice

Good job!
Would you like some advice regarding your vibrato technique?

Sure, I’ll be glad for any advice. Thank you.

That would be a shame. I and many others enjoy your videos. What you can do to be more in the spirit of the community is to occasionally view others’ videos and comment on them. I think if your participation is two-way, then all is good.


You are doing “horizontal” movement, parallel to the neck. This works best with nylon strings on a classical guitar. It somewhat works on a steel strings acoustic guitar too. But on an electric guitar you want the “vertical” vibrato, moving your wrist up and down, or some do it in a circular movement.
This is something I am struggling with too, especially when I play same songs on different types of guitars.
I hope this helps.


isn t it going against what Justin is teaching for beginners ? to move the arm and not the wrist ?

Oh… sorry about that. I don’t know what’s moving exactly. My point was - vertical vibrato vs horizontal.