Motivation Club #11 with Lieven | Why Bother With Barre Chords?

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Struggling with barre chords? Don’t fret! Whether you’re a beginner or hitting a roadblock, join our upcoming Motivation Club and let @LievenDV be your guide to conquer them. Barre chords are tough but totally worth it!

:date: Mark your calendars: Sunday, May 12 :link: Register Here and let’s tackle those chords together!

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Keep posted as I will post the remaining (unanswered) questions for the Live Club here one of the coming days.

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The remaining, unanswered questions from last Sunday’s session:

Somebody asked me if I was going to post a pdf with chords.

I’ve got something better; plot the dots on a guitar neck and DISCOVER what chord it is. It will help you teach yourself the shapes and you can experiment with the shape. It also supports lefthanded players, which is a score in my book :wink: |

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When playing with other guitarists who play barre chords it sounds weird when I play open chords along with them why is that?

If you’re both in tune, I should sound well together
It could be that, due to EQ settings, some frequencies get emphasized while others are being swamped.
We don’t even play open chords in our heavy metal band and yet I created a “range” to work in; where our lead guitarists works more in highs and I try to sit in between him and the bassist. I even have a low- and high pass filter going on that softly phases out the frequencies that go over and under it. It elimlinates some farty lows due to buildup of 2 guitarists and a bassist while it also grants the lead enough “room”.

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would it be better for using the capo on the second fret and tune the guitar 1 tone down, to tune with the capo to the usual notes?

That’s what I explained. In the session, I tuned the guitar a WHOLE step down (=2frets) so my capo was on fret 2. It is easier to grab an F there due to the lower string (A fret is lower than a nut)


I know 2 A shapes. U can play x13331 shape till 7 sret. then frets become too small. is it ok if i use x1333x on higher frets, or i have to figure out fow to pkay first shape on all frets?

That’s ok! You are already playing enough notes there :wink:

also all shapes are small after 13 fret and most of barre chords become impossible to play. how to solve it?

Most guitarists don’t play there a lot because of that reason but also because it starts to sound thin and boxy. Unless your capo is really high, you should have enough options combining E and A shape barres already

How to learn to change barre chords? i started to learn them 2 years ago, but you play them in isolation 3, or 5 min.

Use them is as much real situations as you can but ALSO practice the pure mechanical thing; changes from and to a certain chord. First just moving up the shape to change between F, G and A (all barre) and if that is too hard, jump only 1 fret instead of 2).

Later on, try doing changes from open chords to barre chords and vice versa.
Now use them in songs as well and record yourself; hear how well you can keep up with the pace.

shapes that I know are D, F min Fmin 7 ., F7 131211 and 131241, Amin Amin6, A7 x13131, and A x13331 and x1333x should I learn more barre chords? i am grade 1

Make sure you understand the shapes instead of memorizing the chord names. If you know where the root is and you shift it, it is easy to find the name of the chord. Root note+nature of the shape = chord name. Seems like you’re a bit ahead of schedule if you’re still grade 1 :wink:


When doing an “A” shape bar do you only use your index finger to fret the bottom two strings E and A. And does your finger mute the top string?

For a regular A-shape barre, you don’t even play the bottom E as your root note is on the A string. The tip of your index finder in on the A string and THAT note determines the chord name as well. That’s why it is so useful to learn the notes on the bottom 2 stringsup to fret 12 as soon as you can!


would lighter strings help

Simple answer: Yes


when I play A7 x13131 below 11 fret and above it, it looks different, because my fingers bend differently in different fret. is it normal?

Yes, there is less space to cram all those fingers. Doing an A7 might not be your best choice. Tried doing it as an E shape barre on fret 5?