Motivation Club #7 with Lieven | Practice Making Songs Your Own

Hey there,

Join Lieven for a session focused on practical examples where you’ll learn how to take charge of your song repertoire and shape it to reflect your style. Gain insights that fuel your guitar passion, stay motivated, and reach your guitar goals. Register your interest here. :slight_smile:

SUN, MAR 10 2024 · 18:30 UTC

Practice Making Songs Your Own

Link to the lesson archive with downloads:

→ Slide Deck
→ Examples PDF


Alright guys,

Who here on the Community will be joining this session?

In this session I’ll be showing some example on how I took control and made a song my own…
But it would be cool if I could pick some ideas from you!

That way, I can think about the process more conciously while making sure I don’t forget the steps I would take to shape the song.

So; tell me, what song would you guys want to see/hear me take a shot at?

I won’t be doing full songs per se, the focus is on the method.

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Neil Young - Heart Of Gold or Bon Jovie - Wanted Dead Or Alive would be my picks. Be nice to see where your mind goes in these. Especially where I want to try to make these my own in the end.

It should be interesting to see what other songs pop up that would be interesting. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Rock on!

Hmm… it’s a rather difficult question, because it needs to be a song people know and that offers itself up to covers and different interpretations …

How about “Jersey girl”? I know Tom Waits’ original and at least three brilliant covers (Bruce Springsteen, Holly Cole, Pearl Jam) …

Now, if you were to make your own version of this song honouring the original, being aware of others’ takes… but yet want your version to feel and taste like you - where would you start?

Looking forward to Sunday’s club a lot. Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

I would put my bets on a Christmas song, even if people don’t celebrate I’m certain they would know of it. I’ve heard some lovely renditions of XMas songs over the years.


Given how often you have name-checked it to help people remember the pronunciation of your name … a certain John Denver song about going away?

no promises yet

Oh I had a good laugh out loud when I read that.
Good idea though!

I kinda like that idea; give you a couple of months to work on your own rendition until
Christmas arrives.

Never tried that one either so that could be an interesting process to share.

The other suggestions: I’ve got less connection with these and feel less “buy-in” from my side.

By all means, more suggestions are welcome

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How about Stand By Me which has been done by lots of musicians in different ways?

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Laaaaaaast christmas
I gave my heaaaaaaaart

everyone knows this one :rofl:


“The Wind Cries Mary”, a Jimi classic. It’s real good mixture of chords, riffs and long solo, so it’s open to play this in different variations, depending on your ability.

A very cool song but handling this one would be above the average level of the target audience I’m afraid. A lot going on there

A very cool club lesson planned. How about taking one of the most popular songs of Justin’s lessons, wish you were here.

Wonderwall is an interesting one too. The blues version done by Ryan Adams is really cool. It goes to show you can change the genre.

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Slide Deck and Examples PDF for the Live Club later today:

You can grab the PDF with examples and open it on screen (or print it) before the session to follow along. I’ll probably tell more than there is in the doc but it’s there to offer some structure.

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Thanks for the detailed PDF, @LievenDV :sunflower:

Great stuff, very interesting topic again.
Really looking forward to the session this evening (… or morning, noon, afternoon, night)

See you all there :grinning:

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@LievenDV Going to have to give this evening’s session a miss but will catch up on the post Club material. Been trying to spice up a few old favourites recently to give them a slightly different spin, so think your views/input will be helpful. Hopefully catch up with you in #8 !



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Great lesson thanks @LievenDV

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Thanks for sharing the material, Lieven. Great source of wisdom and something to recapture as I unfortunately missed the session because of being sick. :frowning:

It’s great to have something to look up and kind of a checklist to go through. :+1:

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