Motivation & Inspiration Club #5 With Lieven | Why bother with barres?

No, I didn’t :wink:. I’m working on the F Chord since then and accordingly moving the shape and working on the E-shaped barres, of course, but at that point, I saw it more as getting familiar with the shape along the fretboard as there is a specific lesson on Module 22 (?). I have the E-shaped on my schedule, but have been a bit lazy to implement them into songs, except for the F-Chord because of those later lessons. I thought there might be a reason, why those lessons are only at the end of Grade 3, respectively Grade 4.

Hi Lieven, I haven’t read everything and hope this post doesn’t get in the way…

Bad girl :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
As a punishment, practice this…

But without any jokes
I myself have benefited a lot from playing along with this song…and I had to make a lot of use of the little break in between, but mainly to build up strength I played along a lot and it took a long time before I managed to do it without terrible souring to the end …
Hopefully it is useful for someone…

Hey, you don’t even know, what I’ve practiced instead… :laughing:
Jokes aside, thanks for the hint, have to check it out.
I have to be patient and can only do those chords in small junks as my wrists start to hurt, if I exaggerate them. So it’ll keep me busy for some time till they come effortless. For now, it’s still kind of a workout :joy:.

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Cool little line to practice the first phase: keeping the shape but moving it down (and up)!


Answering the remainign questions:

My issue is when I’m going from a barre to a riff them back to a barre … any suggestions?

go slooooow first and practice some easier transitions more, and a bit faster, and more,… until you are really quite consisten… It’s probably the timing getting completely lost so be brave and slow down that drum pattern and pick something real simple. So simple it might resemble a slave boat drum dictating when to do the stroke. When getting confident, to the little lead line bu only a few notes. try adding in more notes before the time runs out but NOT if you fail to form the and strum the barre shape in a timely fashion.

I can’t figure out how to barre with my first finger. What angle should the finger be at and where should I actually be touching the strings?

For me, that is quite flat but check this specfic part in this specific video: (at 9:48)

What are the best fingers to use for A Barre please? I always struggle.

Che this video, starting from 1:25

Could you put a sheet with all the maj, min, 7th, m7, sus variations in the download section?

Let me challenge you by studying how that works instead doing your work for you? :smiley:
Check this cool tool:
It supports both right- and lefthanded people.

Point the frets and observe the name

example: (top is top, thinnest string)

Look what chord it give you: A

Now change one dot:

Now it says: A7

Now, you can figure out the rest of them , if you follow the logic in this round up of the slides:



Adore that song, it’s in my setlist.

There is indeed one far reach spanning two stirngs with that thumb going on and honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. Look at the work he needs to do with his arm, posture etc :smiley:
On the other hand, just like with the “thumb over E shape barre”, it will open up some unique possibilities that the “regular” method can’t do. Does it help in this particular context and song? not really, probably a muscle memory and habit thing

Ha! know that feeling, That where I got a a slice of humble pie as well. It is a great song to reach back to, year after year :smiley:


This is great… What a great(and fun) exercise for strengthening your hand for barre chords and rhythm timing.
Thanks Roger!!!


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