Multiple Riffs practice

Hello All,
First time poster here. I am curious how others approach practicing riffs. Do you stick solely with one until mastered? Or do you have multiple riff practices going on at the same time? I’m thinking about the matter of combating boredom. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

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Welcome, Bill.

I prefer to work on multiple things: somewhere between 3 and 7 seems to work well. I definitely don’t stick with one until mastered. One thing I noticed from music teachers is that they almost always move the student on to a new thing before the current thing is 100% perfected. That’s often before the student thinks the current thing is “done.” Once a riff, or a song, or whatever is “mostly there” the teacher moves you on. Of course, you’re expected to keep polishing whatever you’ve already learned, but you’re still off to greater challenges.

When I’m working on things on my own I try to keep that in mind.


Hi Bill,

Welcome to the forums!

I am also working on riff practices. I am fitting these into my usual technique method that I just posted in another thread.

I practice these individually so I can work on bend accuracy, and also I fiddle with timing to fit into whatever I think they may fit into. I keep these to 3 minutes to combat my mind getting too sloppy. I am about to replace 2-3 that are good enough with 2-3 that are next in the lesson plan.

One thing I do need to consider now, is adding some way to incorporate the ‘good enough’ ones in an active song or backing track session.

A lot of my practising now revolves around polishing my live performance for others weather it be a large group or just a jam session with friends.

I have a set list that I’m comfortable strumming. I find a lot of my riff practise is working on how I can enhance the songs that I know and add my own sound via a riff.

I generally keep it between 3 or 4 songs at a time.

I break my practice into multiple parts and I will have 3 or 4 riffs that I work on at one time .

Thank you everyone for these great responses! It is all very helpful!