My cover of Tracy Chapman's Fast Car as taught by Justin

Thank you for your kind words Nicole! Yes, I’ve always loved this song and am so glad Justin taught it so I could play it properly finally. I’ve always kind of strummed it until now, not the same!.. :smile:

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Wow, Benji! Great job! Picking, strumming, singing. Impressive. I really like Tracy Chapman. Her singing style inspired my singing. Especially in GIVE ME ONE REASON. (Of course, I don’t sing like her though :wink:). Maybe Justin will teach that song one day. Anyway, well done!

Thanks pkboo! Yeah, Give Me One More Reason would be a sweet one to learn as well. I think just about every song on Crossroads is almost a classic…

Very nice, Benji!!!

I especially liked your strumming style, think it worked very well with this song! Fingerstyle was very good & I felt that the vocals were stronger as the song progressed… maybe try to “project” as well in the beginning as you did towards the end - this isn’t really an issue, though… your voice really suited this song!
I’m going to second Pamela’s @pkboo3 suggestion though - Give Me One Reason would be a great song for your vocals and playing style!
Thanks for sharing this!


Thank you @CATMAN62! It truly is one of my favorites.

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Thanks for taking a listen Tod, and I appreciate the feedback!

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Amazing concentration. Bruce

Thanks Bruce!

Great work that’s a hard one to play and sing at the same time I think. Great job!!

Thanks Goog, yeah, it took a minute to get the timing down, especially since there was both strumming and finger picking.

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