My gear for mono voice over now serves this world

They are, I’ll post a picture of my sound room shortly. I need a mic stand that grips to the desk to hold my webcam and then I think I’m ready to clean up cables and go with this setup for awhile. Because of my voice over work the only thing I needed I didn’t have was another instrument cable and this desk mic stand for the webcam. I’m sure those are not the last bits I’ll get for where there this journey takes me! :grinning:

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@DavidP I think the problem is that its not a backing track, per se, but the audio from the JustinGuitar app. That means to have it as a backing track, @Rod58 would first have to record the output from the app into a file on the PC so it can be used as a backing track, which may be what you were suggesting.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that, of course, other than the performance wouldn’t then be playing along with the app and some people might find that tricky.

But it’s definitely something I would recommend trying. In fact, I already recommended that approach (substitute Audacity for OBS in this case):

As you say, then the backing track, the guitar, and the vocals can all be on different tracks in OBS (or Audacity, or Reaper, or Ardour…) and can be manipulated separately. This approach is, of course, more in line with traditional multi-track recording workflow and, IMO, it’s a workflow worth getting to know.



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Probably in my future, but the challenge I’m taking on now, surely never to master, is playing and singing and listening to the other instruments and doing a decent job. In short, I’m trying to climb the “performance” mountain. You guys have given me some great tools to do that now I have to put in the work! :grin::muscle:t2: Grateful to the community here…… Rod


Keith, I’m not sure how other people do it but have see people make a video with the app in an inset, so you can see the app screen, hear it playing, and add your own playing and singing. That was what I was talking about.

That’s the beauty of the Community, Rod, we’re all learning and sharing together. Have fun putting it altogether and continuing to work on your performance and recording. You’re doing great.

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