My picking accuracy is bad

Here’s Justin’s lesson about picking individual strings. I’ve found this exercise extremely useful, and it’s how I’ve begun every practice session for going on two years now. It’s one I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow.


Thanks for posting an updated version of the individual string-picking exercise. I hadn’t seen that you’d posted it before I posted the old “fireside chat” version.

You’re right when you point out that the Wish You Were Here riff is an excellent picking exercise, and it’s also a good finger-stretching & finger strengthening exercise. It’s a bonus when you finally play it well more times than not, which is extremely satisfying.

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Yes, I’ve learned so much from that song - picking, strumming, singing - and no doubt more things in the future.

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Hi Artax.
I too had the same problem, especially when trying to target a bass note when strumming. I found slowing the strum way down, I mean ridiculously slow. but it worked.
Also did the same going up and down scale patterns with a metronome set to 50 bpm and gradually speed up. It worked for me as i can mainly hit the string I want, not always but enough to see a improvment.
Justin’s tip about practise is sound, do it slow, keep the faith. You will get there!

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