Need Your Love So Bad [SOLO] by Peter Green Lesson

Can share if you like ? Will be downloading later but is now in my online K-V files folder.

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Thanks, that’ll be great Toby

I’ll drop you a PM. Just spent 40 minutes with it. Licks are fairly straight forward, tone and half bend is a finger shredder but the nuances are the hardest part. @stitch thx for the nudge its real fun to play, even playing it badly. :wink:


@TheMadman_tobyjenner @DavidP I still think this is the best way to learn licks. Yes you can have someone like Justin teach you a bunch of licks out of context and never know how to use them or you can learn licks in context and add them to you playing because you know the technique and appropriate place to use them.


Thanks @stitch for reviving this topic. I’ve been looking for some more short solos to develop my bending/vibrato/phrasing skills. This one fits the bill perfectly.


Welcome to the party Shane :wink:

Thanks Toby. Will be a good challenge. Similar to the Still Got the Blues intro/solo - technically not overly difficult, but its the nuances and finesse in the phrasing/bends/ vibrato that present the real challenge.

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@sclay I can’t take the credit Shane. David @DavidP posted a video of Gary Moore doing NYLSB and we hijacked the thread so I got him to move it to its own thread. It is a great solo to learn, don’t forget to steal all the licks and techniques you can.

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Oh…I’ll be stealin alright. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As someone who’s always valued myself as a man of integrity; in the guitar world, I’m nought but a shameless rogue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thanks @DavidP for bringing this to the forum.

Cheers Shane

Ooh grade 6 and I think I can do that… worth a go

Just watched the lesson through and love the tip of using the thumb to mute the unneeded strings on a bend.

Looking forward to giving it a go later lots of nice little subtle bits

@stitch actually you can take all the credit. Based on your suggestion to learn a solo as a means to developing technique, feel, timing and learning licks in a musical context I’d had a look at a few of Justin’s lessons for something suitable.

I eventually settled on NYLSB and in process was watching first original Fleetwood Mac and then the Gary Moore cover, which I chose to share in WAYCLT.

@sclay guess that’s all relative, Shane. The bend and dip, the tone-and-a-half followed by the clean note a semi lower without any bend … these are technically challenging for me.

@RobDickinson Hope you had fun, Rob, and look forward to hearing you play it eventually.

Last night I started in on the first couple of licks. Lots of fun, lots to learn. Don’t expect a full play through recording this weekend :laughing:

@sairfingers Come on Gordon, we’ve danced with Layla, so you should join us at this Greenie party.

Probably not on the electric tonight, and I’ve about a decades worth of finger style blues to work through haha, give it a go tomorrow.

Lot of it is well in my ballpark but not all for sure, a good pieces to practice

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Mmm….now that’s a thought. :thinking:

Only my opinion David but it is difficult enough to keep up with the existing number of options as to where to post this type of thing. Things disappear down the list so quickly now.
Even this reply of mine is padding out the Topic and making it more difficult to follow.

@sairfingers you are right, there are q uite a number of posts made daily, so something can easily get lost. Keep track and not missing replies does depend on how one sets up notifications.

I think it may be best for an individual learning the solo and posting for feedback to create a topic in AVOYP. It is probably where it is least likely to get lost. That said, once the person returns to post a later rendition, many may miss that if they don’t scan the replies.

Now I am rambling away in reply to you, without a helpful answer.

I’ve run into an unexpected problem working on this solo (amidst all the expected ones).

When I try to bend the E up to F#, the note just dies when I go beyond a semi-tone. I can play a tone bend on the e string on the frets either side of the 12th, sounds fine. Just the bend at the 12th fret that is misbehaving.

I assume this is some kind of weird setup thing but perplexed given all is good on the other frets.

Any ideas?

Bump the gain up ? Not experienced that David with either 9s 9.5s or 10s.
Sorry. :cry:

That’s why I always recommend playing with more fx :slight_smile: more gain, more compression and sustain should do the trick. Alternatively crank up the amp and play your guitar to it to generate feedback, but this is an option not neighbour friendly :grinning:

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner @adi_mrok

Thanks for sharing some thoughts, guys. It is weird since it only happens on that one string at just that fret. I may try tuning down a semi-tone and playing it one fret up to avoid the 12th fret tone bend on the e string.