New amp recommendation?

So I guess my concern is if it will still be too loud for a small room when set to 50 power?
If not, then having the looper effects ability will guide me to get the Katana 100 model
What do you think?

It depends how loud you turn it up, but if it’s too loud in the 50W setting, switch it to the 0.5W setting. You also have a master volume you can use to get the level you want.

I used to use my MK1 Katana 100 in the 50 W mode quite a lot at home.

Note that 100W is not twice as loud as 50W, and 0.5W is not 100 times quieter. If you crank it in 0.5W mode, you may still be able to mildly annoy the neighbours if you share a wall.

Also, the Katana 100 is no louder than the Katana 50 if you don’t use the 100W mode.

I would get the 100W version.



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hey, have you explored Kemper? Whether as the Profiler or the small footprint Player, you access all amps and effects. It took me years to opt for a Profiler, no regret at all, I play Marshall, Orange, … You name it. It is an unpowered head and have a Kemper power Kabinet, at home and plenty of juice for gigs.

How does a kemper compare in cost…


Well into 4 figures for the Profiler! Around 600 for the Player, then you need a speaker cab unless you’re just going to play straight into a DAW.