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Late night brain dump before my last 90 minutes of the Retreat. High level prompts to add detail tomorrow.

URLS ergo Soundcloud
Embedded kinks


Upload test


Ok and some functionality test for review and comment.
:pray: :person_in_lotus_position: :shinto_shrine: :pirate_flag:

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Links - new tabs 17 18 19 20

Nice studio! and so tidy!

Thanks LDV its actually a few years back, as my old Affinity is yet to be pimped ! Just dove into my forum images folder and pulled the first thing out of the hat ! Will be fleshing things out later but needed to drop a helicopter view of things I wanted to follow up.

Have I missed it or is there a topic/thread where we can put observations and queries in one place, so we can collectively see what we are all discovering or thinking, without it being all over the place. If I have missed that place, sorry as I did not delve too deeply yesterday.

Anyway, I am happy as I found my trademark sunglass emoji !! Nothing Else Matters. :joy:



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Oops, I liked this post by mistake (even if I do like it).
I suppose there’s no ‘unlike/edit’ function?
Where would I post a difficulty logging in on my mobile?
I can access this site via the email link but if I try to reply or log in I get a 401 authorisation required page :roll_eyes:

Interesting I was going to quote Mr L’s response - he has wounded me so deeply wishing to unlike my post :tongue: - but can’t see the option to do that. I see I can quote my own post but not a third party’s.


Oh Toby,
You got a good collection of gear going there bud! Another half rack of guitars may have to end up on the walls?

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The quote option is in the toolbar at the top of the post. I have yet to get it to fly though. I am sure it is my lack of skill there…


OK my reply sidebenching has hopefully expired.

As I said, some observations and queries.

Shortcuts - great to have these readily available and accessible. I’ll be playing around with them and see if everything is covered or if others maybe be required. So bad terminology time, glad Keith is here to put us straight on such things.
The use if the G [key] combination felt a bit alien after a lifetime of using Shift or Alt. Is the G “thing” hardwired into Discourse. Just wondering as it does not sit comfortably at the moment but I am sure I’ll adapt.

Embedded URLs - I am not sure if its this environment but when I added the link to my Soundcloud track list, it defaulted to the track at the top of the list not the immediate level above. On the “old” forum it readily accepted the /tobyjenner/tracks without going to the top track itself. as its done here - the link was in my forum signature if that helps ?

Topics - probably already mentioned by how do I reduced this down from 221 items ?

Time and Date insert - Did not add the time unless I am missing something.2021-12-05T23:00:00Z

Image Uploads - Direct upload is fantastic. The pic I posted yesterday was a link from IMGUR, this up to date studio photo was uploaded direct from the PC. Impressed. :+1:

Badges - Its an age thing, I’ll be switching this off at go live but interested to see what other achievements I can bag while testing.

Limits - I am sure I saw something in the Discourse blurb but can these be more obvious here. At the moment I know there are light sensors all over the floor but it would be nice to see them before I trigger the alarms and get more detention.

Emojis - Loving it !

Preview Panel - ace !

Underline - how to ?

Suggestions and a starter for 10.

  • Would a central repository for all beta testing comments and suggestions be a good idea. We can then have a go to place to add our discoveries and ask questions or put forward suggestions. It would make post testing housekeeping easier, as everything under that banner could be removed en masse. As there is already some migration taking place from the forum. It would good to start that early or we may end with comments/post all over the place, that we would not necessarily want to be seen post go-live.

  • In Social can I suggest a new section for NGD, always thought it would be good to have all the new guitar and gear posts in one place and with a new broom could be an opportunity to do that. Call it New Gear or whatever to cover most things but with a rider for the type of post that are permissible - like an assorted bag of Skull Picks don’t count.

  • Can we open up a dialogue here on possible “forum” policy changes/management ? As we are entering a new era, it seems like an opportunity to add some new ground rules. The type of thing that springs to mind right now, is AOVYP. We have had an influx of “talented” guitarist arriving on the doorstep and dropping stellar performances for their first ever post. They then proceed to add no further input to the forum and no previous links to using Justin’s courses. OK this is the Grumpy Old Man in me but these folk are just using our members to up their YT ratings and no doubt their coinage. I don’t want to discourage Community members and JG students posting in AOVYP but I think this is an opportunity to stop these people taking advantage. I know from the replies Richard and David have politely made to these folk and I myself on occasions that this activity is recognised by not just me and also not welcome. I don’t know what other’s think but the launch of this new platform seems like an ideal time to do something about it. If I can be locked out for exceeding a set number of replies or creating too many posts, as a new member, I am sure we can ring fence certain areas to make this self policing. If this has already been covered within the JGT apologies but seemed like a good time to raise the issue.

Sorry for the long post, hope I have not triggered a new sensor beam.

Anyway just some thoughts of maybe a not so mad Madman,


Ooh another upload op :upside_down_face:
Straight Jacket Black

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LB yes but if you wanted to quote a reply from the thread you would have to cut and paste the text, unlike the reply with quote we have now. :sunglasses:

I agree with this. I’ve taken to actively ignoring posts where a video is dropped with little reference to JG learning or where I repeatedly see someone ONLY posting video of themselves playing without any other form of posts in the forum AND who literally just drop the video and then leave minimal comments or acknowledgements…its just clickbait to get their channel views up. I know Richard in particular tries to catch these but a few can be quite clever in their approach.

This. It’s so putting off and annoying. What also gets me are people who just post stuff they recorded and only threads they are commenting on are their own. I don’t think there is any policy to get rid of people who actually refer to Justin course but only comment on their own stuff, however my general approach would be to ignore people like this and not bother if it’s excessive. Btw. I’m grumpy too! :smiley:

Oh and Toby - Lieven created a section on the main page at the bottom with all the suggestions - one topic per suggestion so I would direct you over there to put those thoughts so those are not missed out.

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Links - new tabs 17 18 19 20

@tobyjenner I wasn’t sure what you meant by that?

And that made me wonder about the equivalent of the Forum “Insert Quote” function. I shall go post the question in the appropriate place.

And then discovered that “q” shortcut does the quoting like the Forum

Looks like you just click on the like again, @brianlarsen


Cool on the GQ advice !

For the life of me I am trying to remember what prompted that ! The digits were just to meet the minimum text requirements. I’ll do some more navigating to see if the synapses join up again.



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Ooooh, my national flag, @tobyjenner . :beers:

Had to reply rather than just like. Hopefully I won’t be tapped out too soon today. The system message inferred that the limit was on one’s first day. I suppose that is to allow a mod to perhaps pick up a spamming son of a troll and limit how much they can post before being caught.

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Well I think I doubled up on my posts/replies from yesterday and I’m still here, so all good! :grimacing: :wink:

Yup, it looks like the limiting was only on day one. Now I shall keep replying all over the show and see if I get blocked

I need to switch off the email notifications, as I just keep doubling my workload ! :rofl:

@LievenDV should I move each of the points I raised here over to “New Community issues and questions” and add them as separate topics ?