New here. Alexey

Hello everybody,

I’m Alexey, from Israel, originally from Russia, 52 years old.
I started my music studies at the age of 6, with piano, then added the guitar at the age of 12.
I have some formal classical training, though I haven’t touched the piano for last 35ish years, and I don’t have too many classical pieces in my guitar repertoire.

I play mostly fingerstyle, some of which you can find here:

For the last couple of years I’m trying myself in jazz, making my own arrangements and working on my improv. Here are some of jazz pieces I play:

I got here by Joe Robinson’s reference. I am a JRIT community member for the last year.
What am I looking for? I’d like to widen my circles, play online for more people etc.

Oh, this is 100% a hobby of mine. I am a sofware engineer, and last time I got paid for my music was more then 30 years ago.




Welcome to the group Alexey.



Hi Alexy, and a warm welcome to the Community :smiley:
Wow, you have a rich musical background, piano and guitar since childhood (and professional experience)
I had a listen to your arrangement of My Favourite Things and it was superb. I loved the harmonics. I also enjoyed Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel who I saw the other week. Over 5K views on a couple of your videos… Impressive :open_mouth:

Most of us here have some kind of connection to Justin and his method of teaching. We have benefited from it and wish to engage and support others on their journey.
You’ll find that the more you engage with and help others, the more you will gain from it yourself in terms of friendship, as well as listeners :smiley:
I look forward to more of your contributions.


A warm welcome to you, Alexey!

I’ve listened to some of your yt videos and… I’m stoked. Your way of playing is just beautiful… So thank you for sharing. Your arrangements will accompany me for the rest of the day :slight_smile:


Welcome to the JG Community, Alexey.
You play guitar, piano, and are a software engineer … “two out of three ain’t bad” … :wink:
I have enjoyed several of the YT postings you have made, and you certainly know your way around Harmonics on the fretboard !
With your experience I am sure you will be a valued contributor to the Community, and I look forward to you a playing in Community OM’s, in the future.
Have fun … :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the Justin Guitar Community Alexey.

You have a rich history of musicianship, especially with your guitar playing, from a quick over your relatively successful YouTube channel. I hope you can use some of that experience to the benefit of the folk here, who are following Justin’s teaching methods. As for widening your circle you seem to already have some impressive viewing figure already, Hopefully that will inspire others to follow in your footsteps or at least benefit from your experience.



Hello Alexey, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
Your playing is really impressive. Your fingers are flying with such ease up and down the fretboard - it’s not just beautiful to listen but also beautiful to watch :star_struck:.


Привет Алексей, добро пожаловать! I loved listening to you play. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks, everybody :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alexey
Welcome to the JG Community :smiling_face:
Like I said in your Blackbird post, your playing is beautiful and inspiring.
I love your style
Looking forward to hearing more from you :slight_smile: :sunflower:

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Hi Alexey,
welcome here … and what are you going to learn from Justin ?.. or are you going to teach Justin something?


I was thinking something along those lines, Alexey. I watched maybe a minute of a random video of yours and you are clearly a very good and accomplished guitarist.

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face: I hope, you are aware that we are a learning community rather than a however willing and supportive audience for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a feeling that I did something wrong here.
I’m sorry, guys, if this is the case.
I am learning to play guitar, music, I’m learning from everybody I meet, including online. I’m not building any career in music, but my learning curve right now is at the point where I want to play not only to my furniture.
I am not here to teach anyone or brag, especially because there is nothing to brag about, in my opinion.
Still not sure, what is the problem. I play too well???

Hi Alexeyd,
No, you’re not doing anything wrong… But this is a guitar learning site and we don’t think you can do learn much from the lessons here … so that is a big compliment, but of course you also know that you play above average. You yourself indicate that you are looking for an audience and if you read the information in this section, that is not the intention… as told by several people here, it is a community that gives and takes… give yourself you are not interested in being a teacher (that applies to most people here) but teaching other people and giving advice is part of this system, but there are many who avoid this and you will certainly build an audience with such qualities …I say all this with a very friendly face and hope that I come across clearly and kindly…
because usually players like you don’t stay long because it’s just about looking for an audience often…I hope this clarifies something…kind regards

Maybe this will clarify something and explain some of the suspicions of most people…


If you re looking for an audience , have you tried open mic nights ?
arent there any where you live ?

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No, I don’t think that you are doing anything wrong. Your playing is at very high level (and it looks and sounds fantastic). Still we are a community of learners and we often seek and share advice. Of course all of us (I take the liberty to generalise) are happy, when we are sharing videos and receive positive feedback and constructive advice from fellow community members.

You joined the community wanting to take part in an Open Mic. Given the high level you are playing at that’s absolutely understandable. Of course it’s great sharing music and receiving positive feedback. That’s human. It’s perfectly understandable.

The slight issue is that the main focus of most if not all (active) community members is learning and helping other community members, who have e.g. only started their guitar journey when there are questions to be asked orrandom obstacles seem to block the way.

The question is whether that’s enough for you?! You are more than welcome to share videos of you playing and to apply to take part in future Community Open Mics. I for one would enjoy seeing you play live

Still, the main focus remains on learning… and while there are surely certain things you might find you can improve with Justin’s videos, help of the approved teachers or feedback of equally advanced community members… all in all it might not be very much anymore. This would mean that you would likely find yourself giving advice quite much.

Now, there are two things. You say you don’t want to teach, which again is perfectly understandable. Then again I saw you already offering advice, which is fantastic and exactly what makes this community unique :blush:

Thus: Know what you are in for. Your great playing (videos, and Open Mic at some point) and surely very valuable advice are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Only… If your main focus is searching an audience ( which is understandable) then this might not be a place that makes you happy in the long-run.


I’m glad I asked.
I would hate to make some ungrounded assumptions.
Thanks, all, for great advice.

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Hi Alexey,

nice to meet you. It’s great to have you in the JustinGuitar community! Like others, I’m impressed by your fingerstyle playing. Wishing you lots of fun in your guitar learning journey and in sharing your successes along the way!


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Hi Alexey, welcome to the community.

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