"New" Songbook Issues?


I think there may be a few bugs in the (otherwise excellent) “new” Songbook feature. Here’s what I saw:

  1. I added a bunch of songs to the “campfire songs” list
  2. I “moved” (not “copy”) some of them to the other lists but they remained in the “campfire song” list as well.
  3. I then deleted the moved items manually from the “campfire” list but they then reappeared in the campfire list.


And there is something more, I’ve lost all the songs I had saved before :frowning_face:

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@Rumil Have you checked your favourites?

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No, I didn’t. And they there are! Thank you @Socio !

@Tramps Welcome to the community and thanks for the heads up.

@Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team one to raise a ticket on?


Absolutely - thank you!

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Sorry to hi-jack but it’s along the lines of…

All the songs I had in my songbook have vanished. Is there any way to get them back or am I going to have to trawl though all the songs again and add them back in?

Hi Stefan have you checked the below:

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Nice one James. Thank you. I thought, nooooooooooooooooo!

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FWIW, I wanted to let you know that–6 months in now–the issue noted in my original post is still a problem. I find the random reappearance of “deleted” songs to be annoying enough that I just don’t use this feature. I wish I could; it’s a great idea.

And, as someone else posted somewhere, some control over how the list is sorted would be great.


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@MusopiaApps please can you take a look at this Topic and provide some feedback. Thanks


Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear that you are having issues with the app!

Can you please message us via the FEEDBACK button in the app so we can assist further with this :slight_smile:

In terms of your song filtering feature request, we are currently looking at ways to make finding your favourite songs much easier and re-designing the user interface to fit this.

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@DavidP @Richard_close2u

Does this one not relate to the song book on the website rather than the app? There was a ticket raised by @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team. Not sure of the status as the team has been working hard on a long list of items. When I fire up the laptop today I will try to replicate it as it’s about time I updated my songbook.

@Socio No idea, James, you may be right.

@Tramps can you confirm if this is on Justin’s website or the App. Thanks

@DavidP @Tramps

I added a couple of songs to “Campfire Songs” list

I then moved them from the “Campfire Songs” list to the “Developer Songs” list. The songs did not remain in the 'Campfire Songs" list as well. I logged out and in to double check, no issues for me.

I tried deleting a song from the “Campfire Songs” list and they did not reappear in the “Campfire Songs” list. I tried logging out and in to double check, no issues for me.

The only thing that I can think of is could it be something to do with the browser the OP is using or deletion of cookies/website data?

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@Socio Thanks James. Seems like I had the wrong end of the stick here.

@MusopiaApps my apologies, seems this is a website issue, nothing to do with the app.

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Sorry for not being specific enough.

Yeah, the issues are with the website. (I’m using Firefox.)
I can move songs from one list to another; that no longer seems to be a problem.
After a while (not immediately), the moved song reappears on the original list, while also staying on the list to which it was moved. Apparently, you can move it anytime you like but it can never leave. ;o)

Just thought you should know, since it’s not an obvious issue.

Thanks for all your work.

ETA: Also, after the song reappears in the original list, I can delete it…but then it reappears again after a while.

Ok. I’ve added a song to my Campfire List then moved it to another list. I’ll look back at the song book at the end of the week and report back.