Night Breeze - original song for acoustic guitar

Hi all,

here’s my song, let me know what you think if you have a listen.

Night Breeze

thanks for reading!


Hi all,

another song of mine, let me know what you think if you have a listen.

Sarah in London

thanks for your time reading!


Hello @AlexandrosTsolis and welcome to the community.

Thanks for sharing some of your music with us.

I notice you have popped in to the Community Hub and introduced yourself there. Community Hub - JustinGuitar Community It would be great to know how you came here and what your history with JustinGuitar is.

Cheers :blush:
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Welcome to the Community, Alexandros.

I enjoyed both songs. Preferred watching on YT, rather than just audio on SC (I see you post some songs on both). I think YT would be better here.

You look pretty advanced in your playing. Like Richard said, I’d love to hear more of your backstory in guitar and your aspirations.

Hello, Alexandros.

Good playing in both pieces. As compositions, I prefer Sarah Silverman in London; it sounds more like a complete song. The Night Breeze track sounds more like a very promising introduction to a longer piece, and even in that short bit you have some cool transitions. I’d love to hear you develop that one some more.

Nice Martin, by the way.

Hi all,

thanks for the feedback and taking the time to listen!

I haven’t played in front of a crowd in the past, so your feedback is welcome

I have been playing the acoustic guitar for 15 years learning from videos or tabs, lately started writing some song also.

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Alex, they were just brilliant. Watching your fretting had on the Sarah Silverman video was mesmerising.

Just wonderful.


here’s a third an final song (three songs seem enough to post in this thread)

let me know what you think if you have a listen.

See you around the forum, this is a nice community you have here!


A lovely piece Alex and well played. I suspect you may able to give some of us fingerstyle students some help when the time comes. Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses:

Ahhhh, you’re just such a pleasure to watch and listen to. Bravo Alex.

Very enjoyable, Alexandros.

Just lovely… look at those fingers ballerining (okay that’s not a word) across the strings.