No Travel Guitar, but

I find playing with wind quite difficult. :expressionless:

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Love windchimes. Love mountains. Love that picture. :+1:
Have no problem with wind :wink:


What gauge pick are you going to use on that Silvia?

Reminds me of the singing ringing tree in Lancashire :smiley:



Hey I live in Lancashire!! Don’t know anything about this. Where is it?


Oh wow! :open_mouth::star_struck::blush:

Ah, found it! It’s on a hill called Crown Point overlooking Burnley, East Lancashire.
It’s been there since 2007


It is the first post here Brian @brianlarsen what it reminded me of right away … your post of course :smile: ,not that foto from Silvia :upside_down_face:
I immediately liked the photo but I needed some time to think what the heck those Italians had done :smiley: nice :sunglasses:


Hats off to you Rogier,
Not only have you the most topics- and posts read in the Community, but you have an uncanny ability for recall :rofl:

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That’s because he has spent twice the amount of time reading the posts :wink:



Whereas @MAT1953 is a speed reader :rofl:

James @Socio
Brian @brianlarsen
Roger @roger_holland

Very interesting but a couple of things come to mind there are Lies, damned lies and statistics and 97.3% of all statistics are made up.

Should I be worried I wonder?



Whenever I “play with wind”, I always get sent outside… :rofl:



Wow, that seems made of steel and sounds actually something with the wind, quite impressive! This little one doesn’t sound much.

Brian and James and Michael
@brianlarsen and @Socio and @MAT1953
Thank you for pointing out the fact that my life for the most part consists of :grimacing: :roll_eyes:…well…this community is something about guitars so I I actually learn a lot of guitar here…and yes I have read and listened almost everything (too long tech and explanations for beginners I’ve been skipping/scrolling fast forward for a while) and I’m not the fastest reader… and and oh my god I really need to go to rehab…maybe at your place Brian? that room with your laptop … little guitar in the corner … screen on a certain forummmmm O no I have a problem :confounded: :confounded:
Greetings … I tomorrow with less … really promised, no really :roll_eyes:


Rogier better here than other socials, there’s always something to learn from other fellows aspiring guitarists…now if I remember well you have a good plan for the week…enjoy! :blush:

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Michael why should you be worried?! I’m sure you have a more realistic picture of yourself you can rely on :blush:

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Haha, I wouldn’t think twice about it, Rogier :laughing:
I remember being quite shocked when @stitch shared ‘user’ stats the first time :open_mouth:
(It was analogous to when I discovered that internet searches were logged in a ‘history’ file :open_mouth: :open_mouth:)
I don’t often visit this page, although it contributed to me ‘taking a step back’ a couple of months ago. @TheMadman_tobyjenner is the only (non-team) member who has started more topics than me (and his includes all the OM related stuff)
All I would say is, do whatever you feel like doing in the moment, and try to regard your contributions as ‘entertainment’ for the rest of us, rather than a habit that needs to be restrained :wink:

As you know I dabble in Airbnb, but Dr. Larsen’s Detox Clinic for Heavy Users has a certain ring to it. You can have a free trial to gauge its effectiveness :rofl:


Yeah, I guess the sound will always vary depending on wind speed and direction. At one point in the video I thought it was going to play something recognisable then it wandered off somewhere else.
It’s only about 30 miles from me, I should go have a look/listen some windy day.



That comment was a bit tongue in cheek.

If the statistic about being a fast reader is correct then I know why. When I was working I was bombarded with emails and you had to establish very quickly if any of them needed action so I could get back to what I was mainly supposed to be doing and getting paid for.

I presume it is called “scan reading” although I have never had any guidance or instruction on it.

Michael :closed_book::closed_book::closed_book::closed_book:

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