Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

Here is another one that I tried out, which has a little solo in it. I kind of fluffed it up a bit, and my playthrough is slightly “ringy” at times… but I’ll just lie and say that I did it on purpose to add some character to it :slight_smile:

I’ve skipped the piano non-vocal section that comes right after the solo, since I would’ve just been repeating the exact same chord progression that’s already used all the way through and sound the same anyway.
So in case anyone wants to try hum/sing along to it, you’ll have to jump straight into the chorus as soon as the solo finishes. You might also notice that my last little outro riff at the end of the song comes in slightly too early, which will most likely overlap with the final word that is sung.
Feedback and general comments are welcome as always. Cheers


That was terrific Sandro. You must be really close to nailing the original. Well done. I thought your rhythm and timing were first class.

You raise the point that you didn’t play the piano solo part as it was the same progression as the rest of the song.
This raises another issue. If someone is playing a non vocal version of a song, whether fingerstyle or strumming, is it necessary/should they play all the verses and choruses?
Answers on a postcard……


Very nice playing Sandro, to me you absolutely nailed it! Excellent, enough said!

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Another easy on the ear recording of a classic song, Sandro. A fluent performance and well on your way on this one. I think there are places where the notes are a little muffled and would like some of the bass notes to be louder and sustain a little longer. That said I think we’ve spoken about the challenges of the bass notes before and the recording with a phone (I assume) perhaps doesn’t help in terms of mic sensitivity and dynamic range.

An interesting question @sairfingers and I guess irrespective of what is recorded, the listener can listen to as many verses and choruses as they wish.

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Fantastic Sandro, love it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nicely done Sandro. You have nailed this and your finger picking is impressive… an area that I myself struggle with.

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Really nice Sandro :clap:

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You’ve nailed it Sandro. I had to laugh at the eye roll. If you let your audience know you’re not pleased, most wouldn’t notice unless you point it out :smiling_face:

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Wow :clap::clap::clap:

Really nice job! Sounds really great

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Sounds awesome Sandro! Pretty complex song played well.

On the abridging songs in instrumental format - my wife likes to listen to instrumental arrangements of pop songs on Spotify when relaxing, and I’ve noticed this is super common. They often skip verses / choruses so it doesn’t get too repetitive. So, do whatever you like I reckon :grinning:.


@sairfingers thanks for the kind words Gordon. Since I only have the sound of my guitar to work with at the moment, it just felt a bit repetetive for me when adding it in and I thought it might have gotten a bit boring for the listener.
p.s. I’ve learnt a new expression today “answer on a postcard” - I had to lookup what it meant :slight_smile:

@jkahn cheers JK. Good to know that it’s a common thing, and not just me doing a half-baked version. I just thought it was non essential for my specific playthrough and didn’t want to bore you guys too much.

@davidP cheers David. The bass strings on my guitar tend to be less pronounced at the best of times. If I strike them with extra force to make them ring louder, it sometimes kind of throws off my subtle style of playing a bit. But I’ll experiment with that some more and see if I can find a more middle ground.

@laser_171825 thank you Malcolm. I was mainly using this blues song as part of practicing short solos, but didn’t realise it would also be handy for finger picking too.
I’ve actually started learning a more fingerstyle focussed song yesterday, which I put on my “to-do” list when I saw someone post it last week. I find that breaking up tricky parts into even smaller sections helps when I’m struggling to get something… so I’ll probably be doing a lot of that in the next week or so with this new one.

@batwoman Thanks Maggie. haha yes, I was on my way to hitting the wrong string/note which put me off beat for a moment… but then I made a split decision to just keep going on with it as if it were only a figment of my imagination :roll_eyes:

@DarrellW @liaty @notter @rumil Thanks for the positive comments guys, much appreciated.


Yes, I’m showing my age by using that expression. Youngsters are probably saying “what’s a postcard?” :smiley:


That was really well done Sandro. Well done, you’re definitely not down and out. You’re on the way up!

Interestingly, Tommy Emmanual uses a thumb pick but usually palm mutes to get the sound he wants. He also play a lot of songs without the thumb pick using the flesh of his thumb to get a softer, gentler sound. In one of his videos he made a statement that may be of interest “In the Robert Johnson blues style or Eric Clapton - you can see that he doesn’t use a thumbpick. What he does is gets his thumb under the string and pops it out and give it that funky kind of edge. So that’s another way of using your thumb.”

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Answers on an instagram DM…

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@socio thanks for the compliment James. I tend to mostly use the flesh of my thumb on the thicker strings, but I might test out my nail a bit more to try get a slightly different sound out of them. cheers


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Very well played. Nice finger style going on there. :+1:

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A lovely bit of playing Sandro. I always enjoy what you put out there. Tasty treats.

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That was wonderful Sandro. I love this song. It appears to be quite complicated, yet beautifully played.

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Well after Gordon’s post I spent my time looking for a suitable postcard to frame my reply, whilst the track was playing but could not find one. Maybe just as well as it would not have done this justice. That was well played Sandro and indeed to my ears very close to the original.

Guess if I had found a postcard I would have needed a stamp and folks would need that explaining as well. My knowledge of Instagram was once referenced to in one of my Diary Chapter and am sure my explanation makes more sense.



@RonG thanks Ron, appreciate it mate.

@SgtColon glad you liked it Stefan, cheers. One of your older videos was one of the first things that I watched when I first found this site, which was part of the motivation for me to upload stuff here. I hope to see some new avoyp from you down the track.

@TheCluelessLuthier thanks for the kind words Mark. If you like a song and know it very well, then just go for it and don’t worry about stuff appearing complicated until you’re already half way into learning it :slight_smile: hope you try this one out and get to play it at some point.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner cheers Toby.

making me sound like someone from Gen Z/Gen alpha. It was just the expression that I’d never heard of… I promise that I know what a postcard and stamp are :rofl:

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