Notter's AVOYP - February 2023 - Slackstring (20th Feb); Green Day (17th Feb)

Mark, you sounded good in both videos. I am also in grade 2 consolidation, but you are ahead of me in playing a song with barre chords and playing via DAW and rhythm backing track. Thanks for setting the bar a little higher for me :slight_smile:

That was excellent Mark. Never heard the song before so had nothing to reference it to , and so could take your version on its own merits and I thought it was superb. Your vocals really shone on this one too. Great work!

@SteveL_G99 - Thanks very much from a fellow consolidator, praise indeed :slight_smile: Keep your own bar where it is, everything’s so personal at this point imo, all the best to you :+1:

@Eddie_09 Really appreciate those super warm comments, pleased you enjoyed it :metal:


Mark, that was some really great playing and the percussive hits were really nice too. Not the easiest are they? :smiley:

Just in regard to you catching your finger and I’m not sure if any one has already commented on this but I practice my percussive hits with an open hand, as I thought this was how they were supposed to be done. I hope that helps.


Hey Stefan, thanks mate! It’s certainly taken me a while to begin to get percussive hits working, with still plenty more to come as I really like the technique, sound and feel it brings to songs.

I have used both open and closed hand (as I did in this Greed Day rendition). At the moment open handed seemed to mess with my pick stability. But all a work in progress so everything’s on the table!

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Excellent playing playing Mark! I’ve never heard the song before but you made go find it on YouTube cause I liked it so much. Dynamics felt really good here. Rhythm also felt really good to me. Really well done.

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Sunday Jen is a new one for me, Mark, but I’m not sure there’s much more I could wish for from the original than this. You smashed it! :smiley:
You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you playing and singing along to your Trio+ band on your THR amp- a kindred spirit :rofl:
The levels worked for me. I’m forever tweaking this a bit more, that a bit less… Perhaps the guitar could have been raised a bit, but very soon you’re into the territory of: Everything louder than everything else :laughing:
I can’t recall whether you have gone down the DAW route yet, but one useful thing you can do with your Trio is connect it to your pc and record the drum & bass onto separate tracks (and guitar if you want). You can then overlay vocals (and more guitar), either live on camera or at your leisure and then play around with mixing levels +/- fx. It’s fun, but can be a time-sink.
Nice one :sunglasses:

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Hey Brian, thanks for checking it out, I’m pleased I’ve made you happy with the setup and song!!

I’ve not really gone into DAW stuff yet, I did use Audacity a bit when I started out but that’s not particularly powerful but it is simple to use. I have Reaper installed on the PC as well as Ableton but haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet. Now I’m getting used to the Trio I can definitely see the advantage of being able to direct line it into the PC to record the tracks.

Makes me recall a snippet from “A Year & A Half in the Life of Metallica”, which is about the recording of the Black album, with Bob Rock arguing in circles with James & Lars about the guitars not being loud enough on the Unforgiven intro!

Hi Mark…wow it sounds great! The balance was good to my ear. You sing really beautifully and the strumming too sounded good :hugs::raised_hands:

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Hi Mark

The fact you did this on the 17/2, my birthday, I’m going to assume you played that for me :slightly_smiling_face:.
That was great

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Sounded great Mark!! This song sounds difficult to both play and sing. Think you did great on both…