Numbers and Push the Button- First two originals

TBH I never really fully left the 90s punk/grunge :grin: love it!

Second that! :+1:


I thought the first song was quite B52 ish for those old enough to remember them :+1:

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Love your band! I enjoyed both songs and I would also like to hear them recorded in a studio.

Keep it up :metal:

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Hi Jen and Dan, congrats on founding DyeV (cool name for the band, by the way). You‘re having so much fun together and one can hear all the energy coming out of this. How lucky you are, to find your band mates „right across the street“. So much already has been said, so nothing really to add anymore, but great you managed to write two original songs! I guess, for some reason, I prefered Push a little more over Numbers. Wish you all the best for the band and future recording projects!

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Loved 'em both Jen. Great job by all the DyeV members - may you have a long and distinguished musical career! Trying to pick a similarity, I would place you as a Chrissie Hynde but with the energy level turned up to 11! Keep them coming…

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Thanks so much Jeremy! We are working on the next “release” as we speak :wink: All of us really enjoyed your performance as well.

This would definitely be something worth checking into! I live in a very artsy area, so I’m guessing there may be something like this around. I’m going to look into it :grin:

Thank you so much Lisa! I am really enjoying the process so far. It is like all of a sudden I opened up a locked section of my brain that held all the song ideas :laughing: And yes, I will be sure to pass your compliment onto my daughter about her keyboard playing. I feel like the keyboard in Numbers really added to the song. She will be happy to hear it was noticed grin:

Good point! We are fans here, so I’ll take it :grin: :+1:

Us too! :wink: That’s hopefully the goal. I’m excited to hear what the recorded versions will sound like.


That’s a huge compliment! Thank you so much!

Thank you! We will definitely share whatever recorded versions we have with everyone when they are done.

I love it! Thank you Phil. We definitely will :+1:t2:

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Hi Jennifer & crew,
I stumbled into this and glad I did. I am one who likes originals and this was a great start in going down that road.

A couple things to help or think about and get out of the way. When I started out writing I wrote long songs as I thought I needed to tell a “full” story. Roman enlightened me that about 3 mins or so was how long one could expect to keep listeners interested… So I shortened up my originals. No set rule on this, but something to consider and look at. Popular songs as well are about 3 mins, more or less in most cases.

Something sounded a bit off to me in numbers around the break mark and more so after it? I think it was in the guitars…

Lastly, not sure if I am hearing it right, but I can’t make out the keys at all. I would bring them up in your mix. Even if in spots possibly, where the guitars are not cranking.

With that out of the way I will say you folks are doing well creating your own material. Gosh, last I saw, the band was you and Dan. Now look at you folks! Great to see the band grow into what it has become! I too liked Push the button best. You folks have a good rocking vibe going in both songs. I like the strong guitars approach too. All in all, a great effort and good results. I hope you 2 keep writing as it will only get better as you do. It will be fun to watch your progress!

Take good care,

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To me it’s amazing how far you have come in your guitar journey. Especially with the latest developments - inviting additional musicians, forming a band, and especially that you are now performing original songs even. Like Jasime @Avalon426 , I 100% like the genre - 90’s grunge/punkrock, that’s my sort of thing, too, and you fully nailed that. Plus, the role model you are creating for women in rock :+1: . Also, how cool to see your new Gretch in action, a killer sound!


Thank you so much Franz! I’m so glad you enjoyed our songs :blush::blush:

Thank you so much :blush: This made me smile! I try to be a good role model for the two other ladies in the band (or anyone) who aspires to be a woman rocker :wink:

Oh and I LOVE my new Gretsch :black_heart:

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This is a good point :+1: I hadn’t really given too much thought to song length. In fact, I have been trying to make sure they weren’t too short :laughing:

Yeah, we had been messing around with the lead guitar line in this section and actually ended up making some changes to it before our performance in the OM because it wasn’t quite feeling cohesive. I think we’ve managed to fix it now :grin:

Thank you! We have some more songs in the works and I’m hoping they will just get better the more experience we get under our belts :+1:t2: