Old dog from Hampshire

I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but thought I didn’t have a musical bone in my body. After half a century I decided I’d give it a try after a workmate sold me his guitar and amp. I stumbled across Justinguitar and was flabbergasted to discover that I wasn’t completely useless after all! More Justin’s teachings than any natural talent I suspect!
Seven months have passed and I’m at the consolidation of grade 1. I’m currently stuck on getting a fast c chord change to progress any further. It’s quite frustrating. I think 35 years of being a professional carpenter has made my fingers a bit stiff (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). I’m doing all Justin recommendations for fast changes but any other suggestions welcome!



Welcome. I have only just started grade 2, so can’t really offer any hints or tips. I started second time around as a beginner after a 40 year gap. So some things were not so hard but I still struggle to always get a clean C. Make sure the low E is muted by your finger on the A string is about all that I can say.

Hello @Damian666 and welcome to the community.
Consolidating grade 1 after 7 months is a great plan, especially if you recognise areas not yet fluent and smooth.
In terms of the C chord and changes from / to it, check this advice I gave recently: Hi everyone, Heather here from Michigan, USA - #17 by Richard_close2u

Thank you very much for this. It’s mostly g-c and d-c as those are the chord changes in the songs I’m playing.
I’m going to do exactly what you suggest this very afternoons practice.

Hello to one old dog from Hampshire to another! I’m in Hampshire, England :grinning: looks like you already have some good advice on the chords changes so nothing to add from me, but good luck :+1:

Hello, Damian. My hands suffer from many years of sawmilling, carpentry, and forestry activities so I can empathize with you. What I have found to work to limber up the digits is to do some basic finger stretching, apply a good creme to your hands at night - I use a CBD based product containing eucalyptus that penetrates well. Mostly the thing that has helped the most is to continue playing. The more you practice the easier it gets to make those chord changes. The perfect chord change exercise coupled with the one minute changes will pay dividends.

Welcome to the Community, Damien. Follow the course, slow and steady, and things will continue to develop and get better.

Justin’s teaching, your study of the lesson, and regular effective practice … don’t disregard your own contribution. Justin teaches and the students learn.

Hello Damian and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I can’t offer any other advice on the C chord change but stick with it, you will get there. Slowly, slowly catch a monkey, as they say.