Old dudes with teen spirit

This looks like two guys having fun!


Definitely having fun, and really great to the ears!!!
Love this video!
Thanks for sharing.


That was amazing! Thanks for sharing, Joshua. Sensational.

Ha, ha! Yes! What a great song! Justin has a really good lesson on it, Grade 2, but it is the full electric grundge of it. Which is of course, how it is meant to be.

Since I am not playing electric, I was looking for a finger style adaptation, of which there are many, and stumbled on this performance.

Epic players, epic song, fun was had!

Anything with Tommy and Mike in it has to be good! Two of the best players in the world together = magic!
Nice find, thanks for sharing it :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Very nice.

Although I will point out that, although Mike Dawes isn’t a teenager, he is only 33 years old.



WOW ! I know and follow Tommy Emmanuel for a while but didn’t know Mike Dawes at all. Flabergasted. Thank you guys for sharing :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

@Majik, true. Young enough I could be his father. Sigh. I took artistic license…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@BigLuc, Dawes is a fun player. With several really nice collaborations with Tommy E. I like his version of “Slow dancing in a burning room”.


I have tickets to see Mike Dawes in Annapolis next Tuesday. He is currently touring East Coast US, then UK and Europe.

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That was sooo good! Thanks for sharing. I can’t find the thread but thank you to whoever shared the 82 minute Jeff Beck documentary. That helped me connect the dots. I never knew he was such a big gear head! When I was young I blew out my parents stereo with Truth. Rod Stewart at his best as far as I’m concerned. Jeff was always at his best! And Ronnie Wood, what can you say, he’s the common thread of all my British rock albums.

I have a spare ticket to the Mike Dawes show tomorrow night in Annapolis, Maryland if it works for anyone.

Joshua, thanks for posting this. I absolutely loved it!

It is so cool to see how these guys became good friends (at least that’s how it looks like) over the years of touring together.

I went to Mike Dawes show last night, had a front row table, in a great little venue. Being close enough to see everything he was doing was brilliant. I think I just sat transfixed all night, watching fretting, strumming and even foot tapping He does have freakishly long thin fingers. He seemed to have all the time in the world to change chords rather than my state of total panic all the time.

He played for about 90 mins I think, which flew past, he got Trevor Gordon Hall, who was supporting him to come out and play a few songs with him, including this one. Trevor in addition to the guitar has a kalimba that he developed bolted to his guitar, which he plays simultaneously.

He told the story of how he came to record an album with Tommy, they had 2 dates cancelled on a tour in US. Tommy asked him to record an album together to fill in the time. They figured out the songs on the drive from San Francisco to LA and recorded the songs in one take each, only seeing each others heads, because of the acoustic blocker between them.

It was a wonderful evening.


OMG! :fire: :fire: :fire: