Old Man - Neil Young

Great job Michael, like it’s been said the vocals are a bit too low.

Other than that the playing was super and really liked the voice, for me a great cover should capture the spirit of the original but still making it your own and you definitely did that.

Related to the video, what I do is I record it separately with my phone camera, and then stitch it together with the audio.


very nicely played

Hey Kevin. Thanks for the feedback! What software do you use to stitch the audio and phone video together?

Awesome job! Singing is great if you can pull it off, but I seldom even try. After all, this is a forum for the Justin **Guitar ** community.

Agreed - singing not necessary :smile:

Watching your performance has inspired me to learn this song.

I think you can take that as a compliment! :slight_smile:

Respectfully disagree.

Of course, you are correct…singing is always optional. And it’s quite difficult to sing and play at the same time.

But I find my developing guitar skills support my developing singing skills…and vice versa.

Personally, I hope Justin and the community continue to encourage singing as well as guitar playing.

But that’s just me. If you don’t wanna sing…don’t sing! :wink:

That is a nice compliment- thank you! And in case it’s helpful, here are the YouTube videos that I found useful for learning how to play Old Man…

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I was going to ask you about how you learned it.

Very helpful - thanks! These videos compliment Justin’s very nicely - I hope the mods don’t delete the links…after all, you did link Justin’s first.

There are something like 15 tabs on Ultimate Guitar, but the more I try to learn from crowd sourced tabs, the less I like them.

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That was great!!! Wish i could heard your voice a little more though, you sound great!

Second time around for me - this time with cans on and it makes a big difference.
Excellent playing, great tones and vocal. I agree that the vox could come up. Everything sounds spot on. Very impressive.

That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I hope to play that song some day.

Great cover, mate :clap::clap:

Wow - Great guitar playing, but like others I can barely hear your voice

Just listened to the song and didn’t trawl through the comments, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t all say you did a fab job, both in the playing and singing department.
Now go back and re-record it so we can hear your singing the way it deserves to be heard :sunglasses:

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