Older guitar students / Can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?


Which piece of strong ? :rofl: It takes as long as it takes and comparing progress against others from a time perspective will never be a level playing field. Just make sure that you meet the criteria that Justin provides at the end of each module when he advises when to move on. As an example it took me 22 months to complete the old Beginner Course but I was wary of not taking shortcuts after 17 years of failure. Others whizzed through in a few months but were forever coming back and asking fundamental questions, as they had glossed over so much knowledge. So take it at your own pace but be honest with yourself but if unsure ask the Community for advice, as we’ve all been down the same road at one time or another.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for but its pretty much my stock reply for anyone who says “how long?”. Good luck with your journey.




^^^ Good advice!

It’s such a hard thing to estimate, since the modules cover both technique and theoretical underpinnings. Practising technique to build skill is highly variable across people, and is affected by a number of factors (inlcuding any natural ability or transferrable skills one has already). Similarly, embedding theoretical content to build knowledge will be affected by a load of stuff too (some people will ‘just get it’ immediately for some things that leave other people scratching their heads for months).

In both cases, you are climbing the same pyramid: Four stages of competence - Wikipedia

(There’s a lot going on inside your brain when playing any instrument, especially one that requires separation of what your hands are doing!)


An aside…

From my sports coaching background:

“Technique” is “what to do”
“Skill” is “being able to do it”

[This can mean that a lot of people can explain technique, even when only a few actually have the skill.

Kind of a corollary to the old saw, “those that can, do, those that can’t do, teach”]

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Hi John,
Welcome to the community.
By “final”, I assume you mean that won’t need another time because you’ll be playing along with the rest of us ‘old dogs’ for as long as we are able. :smile: I’m a few years ahead of you (70) but still enjoy playing every day!

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Hello John and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

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Superglue works OK, it’s just a right pain to get off when you want to :joy:

Hello Older Beginner (65) Enjoying the guitar experience. Past the finger pain for the most part. Am on Beginner Grade 2 almost to the dreaded F chord Stiffness in my hand and fingers is my biggest challenge. But still enjoying going at my own pace.


Hello and welcome to the community Danny. :slight_smile:

You may find that you don’t have any problems with the F chord, so people nail it without issue.