One minute changes Chord change practice gone?

I’m sure there used to be a section on the app (maybe the old one) where you could choose which chords you want to do the 60 second practise with and then record your score for them.

You were able to select ‘any’ chord to any other chord and it kepyt a record

I can’t see this in the app now am I missing it?

eg one day I might try A to D, then I might do F to G or F to A and I could just choose those chords from the page rather than only being able to see the ones defined in the practise section

This function still exists. :slight_smile:

Click “Songs” in the bottom right, and scroll all the way down to the “Exercises” section. Click “Chord Exercises”, and you’ll find one minute changes in there. There’s one for basic chords and another that includes F, for some reason.

It seems to me that putting exercises in the Songs section instead of the Learn section is a little… strange. Perhaps @MusopiaApps could consider moving it, or making it a new tab altogether.


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@MrPB @Goffik

Thanks for the explanation Goffik we are looking into ways to make the exercises more easily accessible for everyone. We cannot promise a timeframe but it is being discussed internally! :slight_smile:


awesome thanks very much Ross, exactly what I was looking for!

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