One More Light by Linkin Park

Hi all,

This one is One More Light by Linkin Park. I wanted to give it a shot with strumming. It has only been a day of practicing, but let me know what you think. Also this is the first attempt at singing the song so hopefully not super awful lol. For the new guy Gary from UK-play this one to remember your wife

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Jeff, probably too soon to see noticeable progress after just one day. I thought the strumming action was pretty consistent, smooth. Couple of the chords didn’t sound quite right to me, maybe just not chords I am familiar with. Keep on keeping on and you’ll polish up the changes and clean fretting of chords where there’s the odd hiccup. Rock on!

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The strumming was a lot better on this one Jeff.

For me your guitar drowns out your vocals, maybe something to look at as your journey progresses?

Hey Jeff, good going. It’d make for a better video if you could bring the vocal up. Nice rhythm again.