One Wing in the Fire - Trent Tomlinson

I’ve posted a lot this evening. This is the last one. I swear!

Country tune called One Wing in the Fire.


You certainly were busy, Joe.

Another fine performance. Tone sounded a little warmer on this one to my ear (compared to WYWH that I listened to earlier)

By the way, would you mind posting in this sub-category rather than the parent category (not a big deal but how we prefer) #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Away from the forum but not from the guitar :grin: sounded fine to me although not familiar with the original, which is not a bad thing as apparently the first version of a song you listen to will stick with you the most :wink:

Nice, so very nice. Good to hear you Joe.

I really enjoyed that Joe. Some great playing and singing.