Open Mic performances and some busking news

Lost of thoughts on these postings Richard. One is that you should post over time so there is not so much dumped on us in one shot… LOL No big, but just a thought on that one.

The older lad and younger both have a great sense of rhythm. Loved that in what was performed. The vox on the older lad was exceptional. He not only did not miss a note, he commanded them at will. Very nice.

I forget the titles of the songs, but I most enjoyed the ones with the heavy beat and vibe to them. I think there were at least 2 in there that fit that bill.

So now I see a dilemma for the older lad. Does his main ambition be one of acting? Or will he focus on being a guitar player & singer? Do you have any thoughts or ideas on which it might be? He certainly seems to have the talent for both and what a nice dilemma to have!

All the best,

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Great post Richard and I’m sure lovely to see them enjoying performing on stage. They were great.

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What a fabulously uplifting story, Richard-
Thanks for sharing :smiley:
It’s so good to see someone actually making headway in ‘the arts’
He must have had a good teacher :wink: :laughing:

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Thanks Rogier. :slight_smile:

More thanks Paul … :slight_smile:

Thanks Trond. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ruaridh. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s very generous of you to view so much! :slight_smile:

Gotta grab it where you can David haha. I’m super excited at their performances.

Trevor, I wish I could claim some genetic assistance but, strictly speaking, they’re not my biological grandchildren … albeit I’ve been with Mrs C (their true grandma) their whole lives. And I am ‘grandad’.

I had to look that one up Lieven. I only know puissance as a term in horse show-jumping … the very high fences. :slight_smile:

Brave may you are! Thanks Toby.

Thanks Eddie. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff. :slight_smile:

Just Mrs C, I can’t claim genetic credit. :slight_smile:

Thanks Stefan.

Thanks Alan.

Thanks Lee. :slight_smile:

Very kind Phil, thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks LB. Flood comment noted, though I may selfishly disregard if the occasion arises!! Yes, Adam also plays drums and is a natural at picking up rhythms for songs.

Thanks Jason.

Thanks Brian. The arts is a thankless path to follow for many. Fingers crossed good things may come.

I have added some more videos of Adam in the Youtube playlist because yesterday he went out to another open mic and did three consecutive songs. With growing confidence as each one came too. More to follow.

Thank you all.


Here is a Playlist of all performances as and when I upload them.

29 as of 1st April 2024

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Great tale. Incredible talent, beautiful playing and what a voice. It’s easy to see when someone is enjoying themselves.

May your stars continue to rise, boys.

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I have just uploaded some more recordings to the Playlist - there are 29 presently.
Here are just a few selected performances.


Wheels - Foo Fighters

Noah Kahim - Stick Season

Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

Unfortunately his teenage voice broke partway through as he tried to navigate the vocal gymnastics of Eddie Vedder - he carried on largely unruffled :slight_smile:


Tom Odell - Another Love (short excerpt only)


Maneskin - If Not For You


Hi Richard,

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More about Adam.

At the end of his Primary school years, aged 10-11, he was part of a school keyboard club where he learned some basics and some songs and was doing well - until lockdown. The next two years of his schooling was fragmented to say the least and music took a back seat too. I tried putting a guitar in his hands but, beyond playing a few single string riffs (Smoke On The Water of course, plus one or two others), he didn’t take to it all that much. He didn’t really bother with a ukulele we bought him either. He did express a desire to play drums or some such and was often banging rhythms out.
Moving on a couple more years and his desire to bang and bash remained so we bought him an electronic drum kit. He was doing great until the need for two minor operations on his feet which meant no drums! That was summer 2023 and that is when he took up guitar in earnest. I had shown him the basic chords and his big brother was on hand to help him along and teach him more too.
However, he kept his singing and playing a hidden talent. Even up until Christmas 2023 he couldn’t / wouldn’t sing in front of us. That made his first open mic performance all the more special. He has now played at seven open mics and is visibly gaining in confidence and assurance in holding the spotlight with each one. I edit the recordings so you don’t get to see that before and after his songs he stands and has some banter and fun with the audience. He is entertaining and funny.
Proud emoji


Hi Richard,

That’s very exciting for him. You must be extremely proud of him and his progress. Thanks for sharing.


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Another pen mic.

Cameron and Adam wanted to perform a song together before Cameron goes to New York for a month.

REM - Driver 8


:clap: :clap: :clap:

WOW, that was amazing and a great pleasure to watch and listen to.

Beautiful singing and playing. And not just this one … there are so many great performances in this thread already. I’ve just spent a highly entertaining hour here and I’m surely going to watch all of them :grinning:

Such an amazing talent and progress. You must be very proud of him!
You really are a great teacher, Richard :sunflower:


Richard, what talented brothers! Beautiful vocals. Awesome stage presence. I like their taste in music. I know you are a proud granddad! I’m sure your similar talented abilities provide great bonding opportunities between you all.


Love this. All great songs, so well done. I was only vaguely aware that this forum existed until you mentioned it when I posted in the other forum (AVOYP?). I’ll be sure to check it out more now and post the occasional video when I have one. If I can do half as well as these boys I’ll be stoked!


Fab to see the next generation doing it for real :+1::v:

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@Gunhild @pkboo3 @thegoog @Eccleshall

Thank you so much for watching these performances and your kind words. I will be sure to pass them on.
It is really exciting to have such young talent in the family. :slight_smile:


Wow, Richard, simply superb. :sunglasses:
Would it be blasphemy to say I prefer this to REM’s original? :open_mouth:
Love the harmonies and guitars complimenting each other.
You done well, man!

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Blasphemy you say?


Playing catch up after many missed posts. Another stella performance Richard, I am sure you are very proud. :+1:

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