Penne Quattro Formaggi

@rogier Thanks Rogier. Accurate self-assessment is in itself a valuable ability to have. And growth being visible is the most appreciated feedback of all :champagne:

@Richard_close2u I saw a notification that you’d replied, Richard. I got excited…and then deflated, I tip my hat at your witty aside :laughing:


I’m working on a proper reply David!

Lots of growth on show btw.


Thanks Richard, love that we can happily banter and make jokes at each others expense in the Community.

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The man just keeps on going.
Looks like you’re going to lap the hare soon, mister :wink:
No point in adding my expertise, when Richard’s on the job :laughing:


Definitely bluesy! Liked the bends & slides (although totally outside of my knowledge to know if they were “right” or not).

Great share.

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David. Your technique and feel for the 12-bar vibe is coming along nicely.
The more you do the better you get.

My ear gets a little prickle at some of the licks though.
You don’t mention about the backing but I presume it is a 12-bar blues in A and you are using the A minor pentatonic throughout.
Regarding the first series of licks, which get repeated over the A, D and E chords.
You are playing:

If it sounds good it is good. To my ears, I must be honest, putting those repeating bends / curls on the root note to bend it slightly sharp isn’t sounding good.
Is that one of the licks from the series that Toby has shared?

Also, you slide upto the start of the lick, from very far away. Perhaps try sliding in from just a couple of frets below and hit the slide / first note with some real attack and bite, confidently.

RE: Justin’s lessons on Pattern 2.
Check what he stresses from 12:56 in the video lesson about bending the B string.

There’s some good form in the mid-section and the refrains you develop and use during some turnarounds are working well.

You give a nice change up in attack with the sliding double-stops. Simple and effective.

Overall, you are playing a lot of 1/4 and 1/8 notes and to break out of that I would encourage you to think of vocal phrases, blues cries, sad laments that you can sing and then think about how they would translate to guitar. You are not likely to sing in 1/4s and 1/8s.
Check the suggestions here: (First Steps in Blues Improvisation using Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 1 - #6 by Richard_close2u re: blues phrases and making up something that transmits emotion in a lick.

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@brianlarsen thank goodness it’s not a race, Brian. I think the tortoise has been lapped multiple times. But I am happily keeping at it.

@jk thanks, JK, I shall bank and celebrate ‘Definitely bluesy!’

@Richard_close2u thanks for the feedback and encouragement Richard. Appreciate the various suggestions and specific moments well done.

Yes, other than I think one or two ‘passing’ notes aka mistakes :grimacing:

That is one of Justin’s 5 licks: slide into 5 b7 1. The intention was vibrato, rather than a curl or semi-tone bend. Good on which notes on the G B e strings can bent to hit notes in the scale plus maybe the b5

That was the full bend D->E D C A E A

I’ve read that. For now I’m happy to play the licks in reasonable and become more comfortable. Then triplets and more shuffle I think would be good and to play the blues with more feeling as you suggest.

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Some nice motifs in there. This had an exploratory and experimental kind of vibe to it. You hit a cool slidey bit and rode with it, explored vibrato, and traversed the fret board as well. You ticked off a couple of boxes and put together a fine outing. A lot to like here, sir!

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Well done David, some good stuff there. I’ll leave it to those more knowledgeable than me to critique. I’m only commenting to offer my support as you continue along the Blues journey. :sunglasses:

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I can make a good cheese sauce, but I can’t play one David, so your pasta will have to go wanting, just as you will waiting for any sort of sensible or useful comment from me :smiling_imp:.

I do admire you persistence and patience in pursuing your goal. :star2:


Well done David, way beyond my play grade to give any feedback other than it sounded very bluesy and good to me. You’re definitely progressing well along your blues journey.

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It’s definitely getting better, I did have issues with a couple of the licks, they sounded a bit dissonant, not a major biggie though!
Keep them coming, and keep practicing!

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This was the lick I shared with David if that helps your analysis

I hope that’s expandable.

@David only had a quick play through but will revisit before commenting :sunglasses:

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Indeed - and downloadable … so I have inserted a modified version to your post Toby.

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If it sounds good it is good. Sounded good to me and some good progress

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Listening again and it might not be that one :rofl: maybe one I played in my last impro me thinks ! Need to open the library and browse the shelves. :sunglasses:

OK got it around the 2:22 mark. But I recognise some other phrases I have used, so that means you must be getting them right. Now you’ve explained the vibrato on those first few “bends” it makes sense and you may be taking them a little too far but easy to amend.
Definitely making progress and moving in the right direction but like Darrell I have the odd resolution query here and there and you did use the get out of jail root to save a couple of them so you are spotting when its not quite right and correcting on the fly which is good.

Regards Richard’s comments about 1/4s and 1/8s I had a flashback to some of my early impros and similar feedback. I always used to say I wasn’t happy as I felt I sounded wooden, Mr C gave similar advice then but it took me a while to move away from that habit and develop a better feel for the backing tracks I was using. In fact there are times when drift back in that direction but its something you will improve on in time, as the licks get more comfortable under your fingers you will develop a better or different way to express them. BTW not saying you were wooden its how I felt about myself in the early days.

But keep doing what you are doing and absorbed the feedback and incorporate that into your practice and you’ll keep moving forward.

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Sorry, I missed this one David. Happens a bit now in this busy community. Sounded pretty good mostly David - glad to see you gettin back into the blues.

Cheers, Shane

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Hello David. :star_struck: I have a nice little gift for you my friend!! :sunglasses:

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Something to get you thinking about and working on triplets.
I have created an audio track at three speeds to listen to and practice with, an accompanying pdf of the full TAB plus an annotated page to help you count the beats, especially the triplets. Hopefully the annotations on page 1 will allow you to annotate the full TAB if you need it.



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