Playing my bros Bass Lol - Wild Thing - The troggs

So my bro finally decided to get a bass and ive been tinkering around on it a little heres what i have learned so far on it! Its similar to playing a acoustic so cool! :slight_smile: Wild Thing Bass Cover - YouTube

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I meant to mention if anyone is interested in bass this is a really good starting point!! Im gonna teach my bro today how to play it. Heres a good link. The Troggs - Wild Thing (Bass Cover with Tabs) - YouTube

Looks like lots of fun there Byron!:smiley:

Just watched the YT lesson. Thanks for pointing it out. Will add this one to
my song list. Cheers

Np! Have fun! Now to see what other songs i can get into

I was stoked when I learned how to play the bass part to “Hey Joe” by Jimi. It’s not that hard with a little practice. (I split my practice/learning time between guitar & bass).

You’ll be a one man band soon Byron.

Nice bassing.