Please help me identify these notes

Hey everyone… I was watching the show Community (s03e18) when I came across a very familiar set of notes being used in the background. I checked the D and Dmaj7 shapes and moving them around on the 4 top strings; while they seemed close at times, I did not quite find all three notes in these shapes. Uploaded a clip here

Can you help me identify them please?

I’m not that great at transcribing, but seems to me like:

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Many thanks for the response jkahn. I experimented with it and I think moving the tab you wrote down a string matches the notes!
Please do check and see if it’s the same for you. :slight_smile:

Hi @SloppyChords, do you mean up / down a fret rather than a string?

Like I said I’m not great at transcribing but it sounded like the first note in each section was descending at the second and third were the same. If you work it out then great!

Hey @jkahn I meant this:


Still just getting the hang of the notation and general lingo as I am some 4 months into learning :slightly_smiling_face:
Yep the first note is descending and the rest remain the same. Thanks to you I think I got them! But again I might be wrong here :sweat_smile: