Possible to remove GDPR Form for registered users

Whilst I am happy that adverts have been removed from the website (thank you Justin), they don’t distract me anyway near as much as the GDPR business. Is it possible to remove the GDPR Data Preferences thing please? Why as registered users, already logged in, do we have to complete that ridiculous form every time we go back to your website?! I stay logged in and nip back to the site from an open tab on my browser (any device), and it’s there again. It’s an incessant irritant on every website out there. Sometimes it puts me off using the site; best case I start of my guitar practice frustrated, so anything you can do would be most welcome. In fact, sometimes I switch to watching your lesson on YouTube instead which doesn’t ask this every time. Many thanks in advance for considering this.

Hi Lynne.
This shouldn’t be happening.
It certainly doesn’t happen to me, when I’m logged in I simply stay logged in, no catches or forms.
Can you please share a screenshot of the message you see?

Only happens to me if I cleared the browsing data (cache etc).

I don’t recall ever seeing this. Are you sure it isn’t a phishing scam?

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If this is happening then you probably have ALL cookies being blocked via your browser settings. Blocking third-party cookies is fine, but if you block them all then no websites… even ones you trust… can save basic info like whether or not you have agreed/disagreed with GDPR.

Thank you so far for responses. Typically I have tried this morning several times to get a screen shot for you but it isn’t doing it today. It does normally do it a lot. I specifically checked the ‘remember me’ box today which I don’t normally because I auto fill username & passwords and with this method, I do not get chance to check this. Will test later to see if this is cause. Many thanks, Lynne

Funny thing is that Justin’s website is about the only one I visit which has this box yet doesn’t remember me. I have to constantly log in nearly every visit, despite checking that box every time. :thinking:

I have this happen but I know that it’s a function of my browser causing it, mine removes all data and cookies when I close it - which occasionally is why I appear to be logged in for a few days at a time :joy:

Hi, I’m am so sorry but this is no longer happening, whether logged in, logged out, ‘remember me’ checked or otherwise. I wonder if it’s related to the removal of the adverts? Either way, I am a very happy Justin Guitar guitar student. Thank you for your responses.


That is the magic of the JustinGuitar Community Lynne.
Ask and question and the very fact of asking can sometimes magically make the problem go away! haha :slight_smile:
Glad it is sorted, whatever it was.

I’ve suddenly started to be asked to fill in this form every time I open up the website even if I didn’t log out previously.

Is the just on your phone or on your computer as well. I’ve never had it on my tablet or computer. Would be interested to know more about this.

Hi ,
I had it on my laptop a few days ago, after clearing cookies…

Hey everyone! We didn’t change anything recently - but I’ll ask Kris to check this as soon as he’s back from a short birthday-break. I’ll have news about that very soon! Cheers.


Funny, :grimacing:kuch…a completely normal thing for me with computers (with which I have a love-hate relationship, and the love is getting bigger), the hatred (fear) is suddenly fueled by a simple question from Gordon :upside_down_face:,…
As long as the site continues to work like it does for me I’m a very happy little guitar player :smile:
@sairfingers ,Still getting that screen in between?

I don’t have a computer Rick, only my phone. It comes up randomly and I’ve yet to work out a pattern.

I did a little digging and it may have something to do with the security on your phone. If it blocks all cookies and third party cookies it will need your permission every time you access the site.

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